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    Hello Campers

    I have been working with all kinds of Renko charts on several different platforms. Unfortunately the Renko charts are not normal in Metatrader4 and most of the generators have some limitations in their own usability. Therefore I have created my own that I use daily and it is flawless.

    Main attributes:It is an indior and not an EA You can generate multiple offline charts from one open chart You can generate different emblem renko charts from one chart(Use EURUSD as foundation ) You can specify your own template for your offline charts Renko bricks are generated actual time and there is now redraw Orphaned offline charts get closed when altering the symbol(configurable) Standard Renko and Mean Renko in one indior(Examining in Version 1.05) Remote Control attached to offline chart allows easy shing of brick size Automatic upgrade check for newest version so that Most of Us use the Exact Same version Change from renko to time based chart and back by clicking time frame button
    That I will attempt to post a new version from time to time.A last version will be submitted when all of the errors are fixed as well as the performance is fantastic (we are close). Please be aware that I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism, presuming that you have given it a serious thought.

    The round number indior is clarified . Using Renko using SonicR is . Renko Chart Generator .

    Renko Chart Version 1.09
    Renko Chart Remote Control (join to offline renko chart, over 600 previous downloads!!! ) Https://
    Round numbers (crucial for renko trading
    GMT hitter
    ADR Statistics

    Template for Renko chart itself(you can create your own)
    Template for Main chart that generates the charts (you can create your own)

    Note: You need to download background data for Renko charts to operate correctly. You can accomplish this by:
    1. Hit lt;F2gt; window that is key to bring up History Center.
    2. Select the symbol (by way of example, EURUSD).
    3. Click lt;Downloadgt; button.
    4. Duplie 1 to 3 for all symbols you want to load background data.


    For an automated script to load background information, see here.

    Known Bugs and limitations:Fixed: current renko bar (for mean renko) doesn't seem to display correctly until it closes (Testing mend in 1.08) Micro account doesn't display the name of this tool. The screen code is not consistent when creating history and for your current candle. Thanks to thorough analysis by Tekkies, I have a chance. (post 15 and 16)....there will be :--RRB-
    Posting for this thread ought to be done with caution as my patience is that of a rattle snake Jokes aside, please read this post and attempt to google the solution. Most takes.

    Some of the threads here are helpful. This is my choice:SonicR that is fundamental wave theory searching for 123 pattern using lows or highs that are greater. The money management if you just study one thread, select on this one and is sensible. There's a trader and programmer called TAH and he is given the thumbs up by me. . There are many threads on supply and demand. I have yet to find a good one, but remember this. They will willingly pay more if a person needs something. . .therefore price goes up. That is called need. I use my indior for this. It is attached above. This was countless hours of effort and one of my companies traded this manner. Up to 6 positions using 50 million standing dimensions. GU and EU. . So my 5 cents of wisdom function with price, use tools that assist you in trading and STAY AWAY from indiors that compute any average.
    Donations to a fantastic cause if you really feel like it...
    There is a hospital in Cambodia called Kantha Bopha run by a Swiss doctor called Dr med. Beat Richner. It provides the kids for free with all services and is funded by contributions. Here's the link to get voluntary contributions. Http://
    Disclosure: I am not involved or get any benefit for any donation made.

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    When I create 10 pip renko's I dont have much history, what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I want to create an M2 two pip renko chart for a specific EA that uses it to examine burst movement. Why is M68 important. Does not make sense.
    It dont matter wether its m68 or m2 or m1000.
    Those offlines charts cant be available on regular timeframes such as m1 m5 m15 etc.. Thats is not a 68 min chart dont stress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I need to make an M2 two pip renko chart for a specific EA which uses it to analyze burst movement. Why is M68 so significant. Does not make sense.
    68 isn't important in any respect. I was just saying that 68 sometimes tends to be the default.

    I really don't know why but it doesn't appear to enjoy offline timeframe M2. The TF is irrelevant unless your EA will not take anything other, But as metta87 has pointed out.

    Here's a screenshot of those settings that I would use based on my tastes. As you can see I have chosen 2 for the offline TF but it still picked M3 and M3 is working fine.

    As I mentioned previously I do not change the template settings for some reason which seems to cause it to not work. Also I do not use the remote that tgdrela supplied with Dax since it causes problems and doesn't work properly. Appears to work good with EURUSD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When I create 10 pip renko's I dont have much history, what to do?
    The easiest thing to do is is obtain more history.

    Tools gt; History Centre gt; select chart and TF gt; Publish

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    I need to make an M2 2 pip renko chart for a EA that uses it to analyze burst movement. Is M68 significant. Does not make sense.

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