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Thread: Better SuperTrend Indiors

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    Better than what? Well, better than one indior that was used on some threads here onforexsoutheast.asiathat was not very well composed. There are probably others out there that are fine. There are also other'supertrend' indiors that are based on different formulas.

    Supertrend Formula Copyright ©Unknown. Someone on the Internets.

    Supertrend Formula:
    UpperLevel=(High Low)/2 Multiplier*Atr(Stage );
    LowerLevel=(High Low)/2-Multiplier*Atr(Stage );

    Current Time-frame version
    Do not repaint bars. Normal MT4 indior performance.
    Ie. Have shifted. Draws the indior on the chart history without a performance penalty.
    Multi Time-frame version
    No external indior required. You might want to refresh the indior once MT4 begins up and downloads missing information as iCustom doesn't report such occasions. All pubs on the chart related to a greater bar that's open will continue to upgrade with the current standing of the until that bar closes, supertrend. You should not use the indior if you do not understand this.
    Supertrend alarms:
    Requires that xSuperTrend.ex4 is set up inorder to do the job. Optional popup and email alarms. Option to alert on bars or only when the current pubs closes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am not positive whether it is exactly the identical supertrend indikator, (xSuperTrend), but it may work like this: double ArrowUp = iCustom(NULL,0,xSuperTrend,,,SuperTrendPeriod,Supe rTrendMultiplier,2,0); double ArrowDown = iCustom(NULL,0,xSuperTrend,,,SuperTrendPeriod,Supe rTrendMultiplier,1,0); if (ArrowUp ! = 0.0 ArrowUp ! = EMPTY_VALUE) BUY SIGNAL if (ArrowDown ! = 0.0 ArrowDown ! = EMPTY_VALUE) SELL SIGNAL
    Except for the late response guys. Fxdaytrader, I truly appreciate your efforts but I am not a developer. So, I truly do not understand how I can implement the code above in my EA. I only use the to try to change my manual trading egy into an EA that will automate my trading since I cannot concentrate on my trades while I do my other tasks. So, if you know how I can do this, please, please tell me. When you look at this page on the egyquant website;, you will understand why I'm asking for your Supertrend's parameters. There they explained the way to manually insert the custom made indior into the Wizard for building EAs. The EA wizard will need me to utilize the output parameters of the indior to tell it what to do. Something like,

    When the Supertrend indior shows the buy signal on the chart, open a buy order.

    However, the problem is that I don't know the output parameters with which the Supertrend indior displays its signs on the chart.

    I really enjoy the Supertrend indior and it will be a large shame if I cannot use it in building my EA.

    Thanks once again for all of your help Xaphod and you also fxdaytrader.

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    Attach the document that is mq4 and tell exactly what you want, perhaps somebody will help you

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    Can these indiors work with the new MT4 that has been released a few weeks ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Will these indiors work with the new MT4 which was released a few weeks ago?
    Here you go:

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    This indior combines the timeframe of all periods into a single?

    Could you explain his formulation, taking moderate of Multiple TF?

    [highlight=rgb(244, 246, 249)]Supertrend Formula:[/highlight]
    [highlight=rgb(244, 246, 249)]UpperLevel=(High[/highlight] Low)/2 Multiplier*Atr(Period);
    LowerLevel=(High Low)/2-Multiplier*Atr(Period);

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this indior combines the timeframe of all periods into a single? Can you describe his formula, taking average of Multiple TF? Supertrend Formula: UpperLevel=(High Low)/2 Multiplier*Atr(Period); LowerLevel=(High Low)/2-Multiplier*Atr(Period);
    What exactly is it at the formula you don't understand.
    Where do you see multiple timeframes from the formula?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey Xaphid. Thank you for sharing. Have you gotten the chance to try the inidors using the new Metatrader construct? I placed the files that were ex4 from the MQL4gt;Specialists folder in which another indiors are and the appliions still can't view them launched. As a result I cannot add them into the chart. Am I missing some thing? Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey Xaphid. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever gotten the chance to try the inidors with the new Metatrader build? I put the files in the MQL4gt;Experts folder the appliions can't see them launched and also in which the indiors are. I cannot add them into the chart. Am I missing some thing? Thanks
    Yes, which MQL4gt;Pros folder did you put them in? There are 2 of them. And they need to go in the'. . \MQL4\Indiors\' folder since they are indiors.
    See this article:

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    Thank you Xaphod,

    Cant start to understand where I would be with no indiors.

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