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Thread: How can I convert .ex4 file into .mq4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Really I dont undestand well you want say ( my english have limits ). Are you speaking about decide on a reasonable price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes
    And what is a fair price? It dont exist a scale. Then every one put price he believe compensate his period. Before traderwaldo commented tools aren't profitable and must be free because of this. However, all tools are really profitable. Who is not profitable is trader for missed knowledge or since he dont know how use these resources. Ultimately what's a subjective view.

    The best illustration is some conversations I had with some old users of my resources when I posted free long time ago. They explained they stop use it since were useless for them. Its commendable but they cant explain why im profitable with same tools. I have an account started with 25? 2 jan 2017. Have nearly 600? ( out of September I did not trade since im busy with other things). Using same useless tools...

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    People are going to do what they are going to do - easy - it has always been this way and always would be.
    Some people are honest, some are thieves, some are scammers and you will find others.
    If code is Copyright it's Copyright. The artistic endeavour is owned by the Copyright owner - do your own research and look at the Acts that apply to the country where you reside. It is your duty to be honest.
    No-one has the legal right to use someone's else Copyright code without permission.
    If the origin is given away Open Source then the coder has consented that anyone can use it, make it better or worse, or do anything they like based on Open Source.
    If it's NOT open source nobody gets the right to decompile, reverse engineer or perform anything to Copyright software other which utilize it in it's current condition regardless of the reason - if they claim to ensure it is simpler or not - it's illegal - Straightforward.
    Know your rights - ignorance is no excuse under the law.
    The problem is that if coders provide their Copyright is broken then they have to take legal actions and prove damages at the Court Of Jurisdiction.
    An individual coder likely wont go into the expense but most Firms/Companies will to protect their rights and if they take legal action and a claim I discovered in their favor that the likely-hood is that damages will send the violator to bankruptcy.
    At the end it's all up to the individual to respect Copyright and never be in breach.

    If a coder creates something that works (in this instance makes money in FX) and wants to sell it then it's the coder's duty to explain the way their code is to be utilized. If someone uses the code and follows the directions and it does not make money as expected then the buyer gets the right to require a refund - thing has not worked as described... Or the coder must explain how to use their code.
    If the code works and is more profitable then the market will decide the price, easy supply and demand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why you guys are confused, I state it simple in my term. . What kind of problem occurs while.i perform this kind of process. (shielded from coder's - if not I can begin working on it and if it works second problem is that the codes will split after the end of decompiling into the process) its not an easy task do it (it make much time to work with it). .if I am lucky then this works become complete position
    I Want to hire one to help me

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    There are many excellent traders who does not need indior. There are bunch of coders that does not have any idea how to exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote In case you don't have the original source code (.mq4), it'd be prohibited to decompile the .ex4 file.
    Hello master ferrufx, I got this from other article,
    DDE is quite old OS/2 and Windows 2.x 16-bit tech. It is quite inefficient in comparison to Pipes or Sockets.
    DDE only operates on the local session and not via the Network (anymore). The final version of Windows to support Network DDE was Windows XP.
    DDE is also much more complicated to manage than Pipes or Sockets.
    So might I ask how far is it cost to construct
    cloud base with (Pipes or Sockets) exchange copier...?
    Thank's in advanced

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    There are no progr which function the decompilation of ex4 files up to mq4.

    The decompilation services that a lot of people offer, are easy ways to fall to little sc.
    First you must enter your money.
    Then they won't ever send you the decompiled file.
    Others require payment of a first amount, before performing the job.
    Then, depending upon your interest in the decompiled file, you'll be asked for substantially higher additional amounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote why?
    You need to best use on Google rather than asking silly question .
    In the event that you really got interest on source code, Search .mq4 rather than .ex4 in Google.
    Otherwise, search options if possible.

    The writer release both .mq4 and .ex4, but you attempt to decompile the .ex4,
    You are doing prohibited task.
    You lose your esteem to writer.

    This is some thing like that there is a girl wears a dress before you.
    Well, You select off her dress and watch the panties without her permit.
    Do not quibble that she always wear swimsuit and let you see.

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