Can someone fix this currency strength indicator?
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Thread: Can someone fix this currency strength indicator?

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    I've downloaded this indior here in FF but I can see the strength from the SP and the Nasdaq and the other indices it shows me only the strength of currencies
    in my broker I've SP and nasdaq,oil,dax,gold and all the other indices.

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    hey yoenes.... Have just about finished writing it from scratch.... All I really needed was the picture.... If I could see a picture I could code it....

    Draco published a suggestion that led me to excel sheet that had all the formulas....

    Working on the charts now...h

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    I got the decompiled.

    Check it out... don't waste time to rebuild from new.

    Edittook off the file... lucky ones got it... lol!

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    Hello songbo.... Thank you, but my taste is to rebuild new.... My style of coding is quite different....


    I realize you're only trying to help, but submitting code like that's usually frowned upon by many....

    You might want to think about removing that document from your article....

    And again, I realize you're simply trying to help...h

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    Hey songbo....thanks....

    And yes, will place the export code to you now...h

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    Is it possible that you make an excel spreadsheet which using the exact same formula on the indior which you're generating for Yoenes?? I hope that the dictionary may plot a graph showing about the different time frame, as a bar chart just show the current time but we can't know before this current time, just how feeble or strong is your currency with Commodities Indices.

    I prefer to see line on the graph cross using excel because I feel that if too much indior is on MT4, it is going to lag if the indior is coding poorly, excel is just another way that do not interfere MT4 by it's own, we too can modify the data that how it calculate in excel.

    I've attached on one of my altered variant on the forexgrail excel spreadsheet, too bad, my excel programming is too feeble, can't consider solution plot all the data to a graph chart as mention like example on the next link: that I attempted to do a similiar one with a combine of this line chart shown with this link which I will have the ability to see the previous data time on the potency:

    Hope that I'm not asking too much about this....


    SorryI didn't mean to hijack your thread, just hope Hayseed can provide a solution since he is the sole developer that is helping out on this thread I could see that the two people want that the samething, to able to Glance all the market by using their power at once.

    Cheers have a good weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hey yoenes.... Have just about finished writing it from scratch.... All I needed was the film.... If I can see a picture I can code it....

    Draco posted a suggestion that led me to excel sheet that had all the formulas....

    Working on the charts today...h
    I was only thinking how we can enhance this dashboard that an I came to the thought if we can find the intrest rate for every single currency on the dahsboard which updat itself automaticly which will be quite best to help us create a deccicion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello songbo....thanks....

    And yes, will post the export code for you now...h

    I just need ask you are you bussy with this indior.


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    Hello yoenes.... Kinda got side tracked.... It's high on my to do list.... I will complete it, I promise...h

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