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Thread: NZD - A disaster waiting to happen

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    stop 0,8346 of course not 0,8246

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    What are your thoughts regarding the risks of holding AUD brief through the interest rate statement on Wednesday? Has got the RBA ever been known to surprise previously, although no increase is anticipated?

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    I shall hold my short trade on AUD/USD, through the RBA rate statement. They are not expected to raise. Keep in mind .25 rate hike was accounted for as recently as last week, but since the PPI CPI was anticipated,the PMI today from Australia was then anticipated as well, consequently, the rates are on hold for the moment. No chance of a surprise there. I watch AUD weakening after the event. How much anybody's guess.


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    If good news from trade partner USA

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    0,8242 out one third ( 53 pips)

    Stop on BE now ( 0,8395)

    Have to break 0,8235 ( Little Bounce on 0,8236 so far) to go directly to my second Goal 0,8202 where I will unload 1/3
    Last Goal 0,80

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    Closed my short position here in 8228 ( 112pips). We are under the daily S2, I will wait to get a bounce and short again.

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    It is wonderful to find people making money in my call. Fundamentals will be the winner. The reason 90% people fail in forex is because they blindly follow the crowd technicals. Look at EUR/USD, a report from US led to all these people running for cover. I assure you there'll be individuals who could have entered before now would have lost. They will be blaming their stars wondering why we lost. It wasn't that much of a good news however these people had their trades on hollow foundation1 person brings out the building collapses. It hurts me when they don't have any idea why they are going into the trade when people lose on trades.

    I really love reading currency news on various news stations forums. The analysts reports are humerous. They dont have a clue what they are writing, 1 day interest rates are moving up the other day they are moving down. What a confused lot, as they are reactive. That confusion spills down to ordinary trader they create impulsive trades lose.

    I have a lot of work cut out to edue traders to start thinking fundamentally be ahead of the crowd to be successful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    [IFR Forex Watch]
    [11:53 NZD/USD: Slight Bias Lower Following RBNZ Report] May 9, New York. NZD/USD
    opens this morning at 0.7359, after finding continuous buying interest around
    0.7345/50 in trading. With the FOMC anticipated to maintain the status
    quo today, the inherent demand for non-dollar and higher yielding assets
    persists. However, there is a small bias lower for the NZD/USD after the
    financial stability report from the RBNZ last night warning of the possibility
    of a disorderly correction in the Kiwi, mirroring the warnings yesterday from
    that the IMF. Also viewed as a drawback was that the BNZ business confidence survey showing
    pessimism had climbed to 30 percent from 10% a month. Asian prop desks were one of the
    vendors of Kiwi last might with version funds also one of the vendors. Support
    remains at 0.7335/40 with stops below while resistance is eyed at 0.7375/00 and
    0.7400 with stops over 0.7410. Price action has been inactive around 0.7355/60
    through the past couple of hours of London trading using range-trading anticipated ahead
    of the Fed announcement.

    RBNZ to Carry Traders: Quit buying NZD!

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    NZD just climbed above 0.7640 and fell under 0.7500 in an instant:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    New Zealand finance minister Cullen speaking, says intervention is a reminder that people over-investing at NZD could endure losses
    You wont find me buying NZD, I've shorted it at 0.7560 last friday to get a 200~500 pips goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    NZD just climbed over 0.7640 and dropped under 0.7500 in an instant:

    You wont find me buying NZD, I've shorted it in 0.7560 last friday to get a 200~500 pips goal.
    Wowza. Wonder if this can allow AUDNZD resurge. . .and wonder exactly what AUDUSD will do.

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