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    I would like to begin the very first thread of this room. Let us begin an open conversation about automated trading.

    I want to go over this in detail. Can it be something that you believe in? If so, why and if no, why?

    I'm personally one of those believers in, however I'd prefer to hear from you .

    I am so exited to find a lot of professional traders at precisely the same room.


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    Before we begin with this, does Automated mean black box it and forget it?

    If yes, I would say Yes, as long as you are able to trust your account holder to excersize your Orders within fair slippage.

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    I have a taste to pull the trigger on all of my orders. Much of my trading is based on systems, also it would not be any problem to automate the previous mile to place the orders, however I dont feel its to do that.

    Once I put a trade, I have a lot of information accessible for me... I got the fundies, the news, I could estimate liquidity, I basically have my pulse on the market. But my computer only knows what I let it know. This gives me, the human. Therefore I have no problem relying on my computer when I must exchange, to tell me, but I will be the estimate of how and when that transaction becomes shipped.

    Lots more to discuss on this subject, looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Before we begin with this, does Automated mean black box, no hands on set it and forget it?
    Oh didnt see this article, I was assuming he meant the hands free kind of trading!

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    By Automated trading I mean you develop a fully automated trading system that enters and exits market with no manual interference. You leave everything for your program.

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    I really do write automated trade progr (EAs), but Largely what I use them for is to enter the market if certain conditions a fulfilled. My transactions are watched over by me and adapt as conditions change.

    I have never traded someone else's Auto trader, just those I have written. I just do not have confidence in them, although they are fun to play . In that sense I do not consider them as auto trading, because is extending my capacity to pay attention to a market with the support of a tool which is my PC.

    I feel that a auto trading program left to run on it's own will just function fair, because it simply does not have the inherent instinct that comes from viewing market behaviour. I suppose one can argue that using a neural net, nodes could eventually be established that could mimic that feeling, but I believe that could be strictly limited by the computing power and the time required to create those path ways...

    So yes I use my auto trade progr for a tool only to ease a transaction or a method of trade that I am currently using.

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    For me, the distinction between a fantastic Autobot Manual Trading is the quantity of Profit you can pull from any Trade.

    When you code in Worst Case Scenario to make certain your Bot is correct, you give up pips which could be achieved by Manual Intervention.

    But still, my response remains,'Bots do the job.

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    I'm a huge believer in automated systems. And I know two men who operate them nearly exclusively... one does well over 100 percent per year, and I do not understand what the other person does as his numbers escape me at the moment, but it's up there.

    You could always make more trading discretionary, but at any point, most successful traders spend time before the screen -- and that means , a) long term trades, or b) automated.

    . . .that's only a natural progression.

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    Scott and made some remarks that are close to my ideas on trading EAs. I've developed over time a method that I preferred watching that didn't have a great dose of discretion in it. Of course the issue with the previous bit of this equation is an EA doesn't understand discretion! So I do use an EA that's been developed by another writer that's very like my guide version I was trading to get me about 75% of my live transactions, although I find myself exiting the transactions at logical areas per my manual version (fibo extensions, price action at particular levels, etc).

    As to discretion, I can only turn on the EA to enter if there's a fantastic likelihood of setups per my manual version. To put it differently, of the pairs I might be monitoring on longer time frames (240m/daily) when a pair is in a tight range I'll simply turn the EA off since my version is a trend following version, and the EA is a trend following version closely fitting the manual one. I'll then set a trend-line-audio alert to alarm me of a potential break in the range, or possibly a PB indy (pin bar) and move onto other things. If I get an alarm, I can make the call to turn on/off the trend following EA to do it's thing.

    Next is a small ramble: This was hashed to death in other threads, but I feel that after someone figures out a handling EA that will turn on/off a portfolio of EAs, some for trend following, and others for range trading, a whole new age of EA trading will soon be upon us.

    : ) Thom

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm a big believer in automated systems. And I know two men who operate them almost entirely... one does well over 100 percent a year, and that I don't know what the other person does as his figures escape me at the moment, but it is up there.

    You could always make more trading discretionary, but at some point, most prosperous traders spend less time in front of the screen -- and that means , a) long term trades, or b) automated.

    . . .that's only a natural development.
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