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Thread: Trading the NFP this friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    BK, et al,

    Maybe it is only me (or the Louis that the Tray, another one of the $250 dinners) but how can you have #1 and #9? Aren't they mutually Did you mean #1 OR #9??

    Help a brotha with this 1!!
    Thanks for correcting the grammar.

    In deed it should be OR however youse understand this aint english class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There is going to be a retrace TRUE. But to which degree?

    Must you await the 1st minute's move to choose which is your FiB degree? Or wait for 5 minutes?

    Understanding at which degree *is* the large GUESSING GAME.

    This is why I exchange half through Straddle and a second half through Market Order.
    I prefer entering 1-5 moments after the initial spike as it has retraced into 38.2 or 50 or 61.8 and then starts heading in the other direction again. Of course it's not so easy since there's whipsawing and you've got to play it by ear or maintain out. Once you write it down but you're right it is just a guessing game it seems so easy.

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    94933Geez Merlin where all those knowledge come ck ck. I love you.You know that

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    no I mean if NFP is good, dollar will rally, then after a while it is going to encounter a brick wall of sellers. Market If it hits on this wall.

    It's actually quite an interesting process how it works. In summary, there are a lot of reporters sitting in a room in Washington DC. At they're awarded the NFP report from the BLS. They sit in this room for 15 minutes and write a story about the report. Then there's a countdown, 10, 9, 8, you understand. Then at they're allowed to transmit their story to their respective news organization. The reporters work for companies like bloomber, reuters etc I know this sounds like a crazy process, but this is really how it's done.

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    94933I believe it's going to be too late to wait that long moment. If BK scenario #1 or #9 occur, the pair will move without retracement and it will hurt you mainly. I believe BK way to straddle the news is much better. The moment the pair jump , you just need to move your SL to comfy price, right?!

    I think, I'll straddle the news 10 and -10, and SL -10 each. Soon the price leap, I'll move the SL so that I'll maintain all-winning-trade (above BEP).

    What do you guys think about it? Please discuss your thought, and lets trade the NFP sensibly...^^

    I personally hope the #1 or #9 BK scenario will occur, and let's, traders, enjoy our Friday and prepare for Christmas, and New Year!!! ^^
    (TGIF = Thanks God, It's Friday)

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    94933It's folks like BK who make this the best forum I understand! Really appreciate your time!

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    94933Yeah. .BK is dedied for this...^^

    He's da man

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    94933If you seem on the charts there is a retracement around the 1 or 2 . That is the time. Straddling would have got you killed the couple of months because of the revisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you look on the charts there's almost always a retracement around the 1 or two minute mark. That's the opportunity. Straddling would have got you killed the few months due to the revisions.
    You certainly can get murdered straddling. If you are no good at it, Nonetheless, you can get murdered around information with any egy. I will not go into details but the biggest mistake alot of men make withtheir straddle is that they cancel the opposing order when the order is stopped out. Just a calm, objective expertise and alot of chart research will probably show them the way.

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    94933Straddling or - 10 pips is dangerous. Lots of people got burnt because of,it in case it wipsaws. There might be. Better to find the numbers AND REVISIONS create your match occur. But keep in mind, little leverages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Straddling or - 10 pips is dangerous. People got burned because of,it if it wipsaws. There may be. Better to find the amounts AND REVISIONS create your game occur. But keep in mind, little leverages.
    HINT:10 pip straddle with 10 pip stop is a lousy plan. There's a lot of volatility.


    BK doesn't do all of that work just for amusement value.

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