Snowballing On The Corrective Waves (A Complete Trading System)
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Thread: Snowballing On The Corrective Waves (A Complete Trading System)

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    A Complete Trading Strategy

    A good mechanical trading platform automates the entire process of trading.
    The machine supplies answers for each of those decisions a trader must make while trading. The machine makes it easier for a trader to trade since there is a set of rules which specifically define what needs to be accomplished. The mechanisms of trading are not made up to the conclusion of this trader.
    If you are aware that your system makes money over the long run, it is easier to take the signals and exchange based on this machine during periods of declines. If you are relying throughout trading on your own judgment, you can find that you are fearful when you should be bold, and courageous when you should be cautious.
    When you've got a mechanical trading system that works, and you follow it regularly, your trading will be consistent regardless of the internal psychological struggles which may come from a long series of losses, or even a massive profit.
    The assurance, consistency, and subject afforded by a thoroughly analyzed mechanical system are the key to several of their most profitable traders' success.

    The Components of a Complete System

    A Complete Trading Strategy insures each of those decisions needed for effective trading:
    #56256;#56451; Markets - What to buy or sell
    #56256;#56451; Position Sizing - How much to buy or sell
    #56256;#56451; Entries - When to buy or sell
    #56256;#56451; Stops - When to Escape a losing place
    #56256;#56451; Exits - When to Escape a winning place
    #56256;#56451; Strategies - The best way to buy or sell

    Further Study

    Where do you go from here? There's no substitute for expertise.

    If you want to be a trader, you have to begin to trade. There's no substitute.
    You must also make mistakes.
    Making mistakes is a part of trading. If you do not begin trading using real money--and enough cash that it affects you when you win or loseyou
    won't find out all of the classes of trading.
    Paper trading isn't a replacement for trading with real cash.
    If you are not using real cash, you won't understand how confidence, fear, and greed affect you personally.
    At precisely the exact same time, it is important to acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of trading. Armed with this knowledge you will make fewer mistakes, and you'll learn much more quickly that you do make.
    Here are some suggested areas for additional research:

    Trading Plogy

    Trading plogy is the most important component of trading, and understanding yourself and your own personality as it relates to your own trading is critical. This journey is more about making a attempt to understand your personal plogy than it is about finding the plogy publication with all the answers.
    Money Management

    Money Management is the most essential aspect of a mechanical trading system.
    Controlling risk in a manner that will make it possible for you to keep on trading via the
    inevitable poor intervals, and survive to understand the profit potential of good systems, is absolutely fundamental. The interplay between exits, entrance signals and cash management is. Study and Research into the state-of-the-art in currency management will pay enormous dividends.
    Final Warning

    There are a lot of those who attempt to market themselves and their information as”expert.”
    Do not blindly accept the recommendation of these self-proclaimed experts. The best information comes from those that make their cash trading, and that aren't selling it. There are biographies and various novels that give insights into the customs of those who've been--or that aresuccessful traders.
    Learning how to be a good trader--or perhaps an excellent trader--is possible, but it demands a lot of hard work and a healthy dose of doubt. For all those of us who have chosen this path, the journey never ends. Will never reach their destination, but will learn to find pleasure in the journey .

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    1 Attachment(s) Hi Stake
    Excellent english.
    You can go on

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    A Complete System's components Markets - Things to buy or sell
    Position Sizing - How to buy or sell
    Entries - When to buy or sell
    Stops - When to get out of a losing position
    Exits - When to get out of a winning position
    Tactics - The best way to buy or sell
    Well, the purpose of this thread would be this to unite the superb technique shared with Mr. Spieler ( using all the Elliott wave theory in order to obtain a greater operational safety by means of a system whose only limitation is that of exposure to large DD in the event of a huge trend moove...

    Each of the elements listed above have been explained in detail by Mr. Spieler, then that is the starting point and you need to get accustomed to this methodology before you continue reading this thread!!!
    There's a short summary of Spieler's Trading System that you locate attached below.

    So, why this ribbon?

    We've listed the elements of a whole system, it appear to contain all the necessary elements but if we read more closely we can easily realize that this list isn't complete, I've deliberately omitted a fundamental element, I am discussing the A vailable Balance:
    Capital available to us is as essential as the rest of the system, too often we would like to address the markets in a country of under-capitalization and this appears to be a sure death sentence!
    But at the exact same time I think I can say that this problem is quite common and that in case of requirement few of us will have the ability to draw on a reserve loot to rescue themselves!!!

    Sure we talked about the importance of Position Sizing (that we will see in detail as well as some other concepts) and Money Management but here is also manifested the need to reduce significantly the risk to maintain LARGE DRAWDOWNS in the event of a huge trend moove...

    Well, under the premise that what I am saying comes from my experience of actual live trader and my own approach to trading and more or less acceptable, I'd love to begin from a preliminary monitoring:

    - the only means to manage a win and a loss position is by dimension snowballing.
    There's not any other way. One raises the profitabilty bottom line and the other a recovery protocol. The MO you may find in Art of War.
    This really is a capital game, therefore no choice are possible.
    The relativity of the size snowball is important that over-extension in % counts can kill the largest fish from the water.

    - When the weakness found in the prior principle may be a situation of big DD in the event of a huge trend moove, then the only possibility we must avert the chance of this situation would be to try and predict ahead of the Impulse direction of the market so that we can execute our operations on the C orrections into the spontaneous motion...

    R. N. Elliott had the merit of developing an innovative theory to examine the market from a strictly technical and physiological... characteristic of this theory is to have the ability to classify the market movements as the waves that follow one another, together with order and continuity and physiologically over the moment. The uniqueness of the theory is to examine the market based on investor sentiment, and every wave represents a variation of the sentiment. The mathematical basis for this theory is that the maturation of the golden chain of Fibonacci numbers_

    This in essence the fundamental principle: after we've recognized a cycle of Elliott of higher level (for people who have no confidence using the Elliott theory and its own appliion, there will be the time to talk!) Through the different TF and through the numerous grades of the cycle, we will work just on this cycle's corrective motions. In this way we can significantly reduce the risk fix defects of this system and to maintain a DD that is big. Attention: I refer not if we're not under-capitalized to the machine itself that works well, but I am speaking about the state of under-capitalization when I talk about flaws.

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    Hi Stake
    Can you explain precisely by an example your snowball egy?
    Please could you use a larger police in your messages?

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    Enrolling. Looking forward to make Spieler safer.

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    Count me in....
    Im pretty sure I can assist with predicting the urge direction of the market!


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    I have been experimenting with snowballing for some time, mostly thanks to Spieler and FTI. Count me .

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    I have been reading spieler's thread nearly since the begining, but not published! I think it's an strategy, using it with a sound mm!
    This new strategy produced by stake drew my attention, although he must clarify a little snowballing concept (something such as martingale???) I am not familiar with elliot waves, but commited to find out!
    Looking forward...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Count me in....
    Im pretty sure that I can help with predicting the urge direction of this market!

    A great coder with us.
    Thx Forexflash

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    Look at those charts, surely easy to see that we are immersed in a downward trend (The charts which I will post here don't possess indiors, we have to learn how to discover the development of the markets without any distractions!!!) , but during the launching of elliott waves we can find some valuable information to our operations...
    surely we are in a bearish configuration established by the fact that the medium-term trend is DN because the long term trend, but through the analysis of cycles (impulsive cycles and corrective cycles of different level ) we can see that there is a clear impliion bullish...
    Well at this stage we have to know how to use these precious info. We have to remember that we are not directional trader, but at precisely the same time we have to be careful rather than be contrary to the trend!
    So if during our analysis we can predict possible bullish impliions, this will mean that by today we will enter the market only in buying (LONG), so if we have a negative divergence (-0.25 %, I apologize if most subjects are left without sufficient depth, such as explanations of the pattern, the Spieler's Trading System, the fundamentals regulating the concept of Elliott etc.. But I can't explore all subjects... but I'll be happy to respond and resolve any doubts if they aren't too many!!!) We take place in the market following the principles of the Spieler's Trading System (on the opposite if we are at the opposite situation, when we have a bearish impliion)... In this manner we can significantly decrease the risk to be in a big DD, this is considering buying or selling on market alterations, we are able to ensure that the next impulse wave back the price on our side and then on the our impartial point...

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