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Thread: Do YOU think EAs work (POLL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am sure a lot of traders will locate your opinion of attention.

    You've got EA's that perform - i.e. profitable EA's?
    Yes, at least up to now...
    I've 1 EA that I think about working and I am convinced with and one which seems to work but I am more attentive with it and I keep it on demonstration only and we will see in 3 weeks or so.

    Since I see the next questions coming I answer by progress

    I do not share my functioning EA's for two chief reasons:
    - they asked a lot of my own time, to not create them follow the long process of learning and reach the point where I obtained egies which look robust and I am convinced with. (of course I am still learning to have the ability to find new suggestions for changing the egies later when market fluctuations )
    - The key idea that was decisive to make them work do not come out of forums. It comes more from books and specifically 1 publication were I found something which ringed a bell. I altered it a little bit because it seems more logical to me personally and up to now it looks great (ok it's been operating live only for 3 weeks so I am still careful ). Sorry I won't offer the publication title because I am a little paranoid that many individuals may discover the identical thought and that it may affect my results. And I think that it is up to each person to locate the idea that fits his market perception and where he will state that makes sense and it should really work.

    Only 1 info, my EA that I think about working is a fad after EA, takes around 1 trade per week in average (very dull you can imagine) and have a neutral zone (doesn't reverse systematically)
    That I can let you know as you are able to attempt to build many different systems for this, they will be different.

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    Congrats, I don't use EA's but I'm sure many here on the forum would love to get their hands on which you have... but then again maybe not.

    Let's keep those votes comming... need more stats.

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    It is almost 50/50 on the votes. I'm somewhat surprised... half of the people think in EA's as stand alone money makers, yet every other thread I read is someone searching for profitable EA's or complaining about their accounts being dismissed by one. HHMMM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's almost 50/50 about the votes. I'm a bit surprised... half the people today believe in EA's as stand alone money makers, yet every other thread I read is somebody searching for profitable EA's or complaining in their accounts being blown out by one. HHMMM.
    Yes but you forget that also a lot of people can blow their account without the help of any EA. ...
    So in my view it's not up to this EA but up to guy who makes the EA. When he looses manually, the EA he will create will probably loose too.
    The EA is not magic it's just an automated way or doing something you can do . In my opinon that the advantage is just it may run 24h per day and it is not influenced by emotions. That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes but you forget that too a lot of individuals are able to blow up their account without the help of any EA. ...
    So in my view it isn't up to the EA but up to guy who makes the EA. If he looses manually, then the EA he'll create will probably loose as well.
    The EA isn't magical it's just an automated way or doing something you can do by hand. In my opinon the benefit is just it may run 24h per day and it is not influenced by emotions. That's all.
    I don't disagree with you on that last statement. By the way lets look at this with a different twist.

    Suppose you're a company owner, you run an investment finance. You've got an employee (EA), lets call the (EA/Employee) Bob. Bob will do as you tell himhe's a great worker... actually he's the perfect worker!!! He always does exactly what you tell him he does not shout at the water cooler, and he's a workaholic (functions 24 hors a day 5 days per week. Unfortunately, Bob is a border-line imbecile. He doesn't understand the first thing about the markets. But he knows what MA crosses are. So you, THE BOSS and OWNER of the company, instruct him on how you want him to execute his responsibilities. You spot a long term trend forming on the GBP/USD pair, which means you instruct Bob to watch the 1 hour chart and just buy (EA possessions BUY ONLY) on the MA crossplatform. Give him the SL, and TP parameters and of you go.

    Bottom line is YOU want to be the adminior and the executive decision maker within this relationship. One of the biggest issues with the MT4 platform is they call the automated platform EXPERT ADVISER. This so called expert is too dumb as rocks. The one thing that Bob knows is that 2 2=4... and that ai not much amigos. If individuals can at least begin to see it a bit more this way, we'd have less posts on the forums around PROFITABLE EA REQUESTS.


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    Do I have you? No.

    Is it possible? Absolutely

    The individual brain(despite it's flaws), is much more than capable of writing a little script that takes advantages of repatition and nuances from the markets. If we didn't believe there wasn't any way to tip the scales in our favour, and at least have some insight about what the future path of price could be when particular conditions exist, then alot of us would not be trading.

    I also believe their often seen as nothing or all to often. They may be very useful with things such as specialized trailing stopsalarms, alarms etc. I believe it's more realistic to have several very distinct and specific EA's, and the trader explains current market terms and utilizes the suitable EA. It is actually not to difficult to compose an EA that's fantastic because of it's purpose, then gets smashed in other circumstances.

    Anyhow I feel a set it and forget it EA is very challenging, but not impossible.

    Key Word is believe though!!!!! It hasn't been shown yet as much as I understand.

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    On long term they don't work because the market changes it is behaivour, they operate only on short term.
    My answer is a definetly NO

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes I fully agree with you.
    It's correct that the title Expert Advisor isn't well picked (I never thought of that before) because it is only a stupid executor.

    Anyway the stupid executors are extremely helpful nowadays when lots of things are constructed by machines and robots. And we could see that in many areas the machines can be as good or better than the Majority of the people (consider chess playing, 25 years ago people said that never a stupid machine will beat a chess champion)
    The EA is just like a little robot entering trades while you sleep

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    Some survey results so far. . .still 50/50. I'm thinking it is going to tip to one side pretty heavy at any stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    long term they don't work because the market changes it's behaivour, they work just on short term.
    My answer is that a definetly NO
    OK the market is shifting but then you accommodate the EA.
    It's similar to for manual trading. If you don't adapt your manual trading it will fail. So do you say that manual trading does not work?
    No because you are going to accommodate your egy with the market requirements. Same thing with all the EA, I really don't find any difference.

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