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    I Am so Fearful of US politics! Maybe because I live here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you are still concerned, then don't trade.
    Great advice! It's easy to tell someone to not worry, however if ideas are that something is not appropriate, odds are they won't stick to their trading program, and they'll make mistakes that may cost them cash.

    Sitting out for one day shouldn't be such a significant thing. There's plenty to see on TV!

    Many Happy Returns...


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    With that avatar and post, Fiona, Perhaps I shouldn't have said what I did in my previous post...

    I'd Not want to get booted for flirting (or maybe I might)

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    The comments of mr Trend above were correct about the money for me !

    My principle is, if I have a trailing order , allow the system do the trading. Don't shut out too premature.

    Well, last nightI was long about the EURO and it began going stagnant around 1.2721. Was only three or four pips beforehand and believed closing the transaction. STICK TO THE RULES! So, I let it go.

    Imagine my surprise to see this morning, my trade moving UP! To get a total of 51 pips! Did I shut the trade? Well, yes I did. Rules are one thing. But a profit is another.

    Therefore, I am currently into tomorrow and one RULE of mine I ALWAYS stick to (well, perhaps not always) is, if you've had a winning transaction for the day, GET OUT! So, I'm out for the day and will watch and see how things go. Have to go to work at some time anyhow.

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    Okay, as a former Pupil of Political Science at James Madison College at Michigan State University, here's my take on the US elections, Actually.

    My only disclaimer aside from the fact that I am a drunk that stays up late enough to watch the London available is that I am no EconomistI work on cars for a living.

    The Democrats will acquire a majority in the House but not the Senate, but it will be enough to push the global financial markets up on USD because global belief favors a Democratic victory. It just took one sentence.

    I can't wait till tomorrow night when I am wrong and everybody says I told you so...

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    Also, I do not go to sleep at 6pm then wake up to see the London moves at 3am or something, I am a true insomniac...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    With this avatar and informative article, Fiona, maybe I should not have said what I did in my prior post...

    I wouldn't want to get booted for flirting (or maybe I might)
    Which post were you referring to, duke? And would flirting get you booted?

    US politics does not scare me. It frues and confounds me. Do not we have any real leaders in this nation? Our politicians seem to fall in line with the status quo... that is becoming more about status every day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Today daily chart TA was screwed up. It had been clear to me USDJPY and USDCHF long but Fukui remarks, Yellen, elections. That's mad it was all reversed. But I'm still wary about any USD rally after election results and new york open to take their other moves' steam on daily candles.
    Yeah it was a clear long indication, but those remarks seemed to do precisely the opposite.

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    Is there anyone who can tell me will we understand the reasult of this elections?

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    I feel the results will be in this evening.

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