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    People, I have seen some moves today on USD, and I'm no expert, but I think things are getting squirrely tomorrow ahead of the US midterm elections. Now, I shut a few trades that were good and I think it'll sit out before the end of the week. Normal TA has been violated on whatever says USD in it like crazy. Anybody seen this before?

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    Yes its just not behaving right, only had a 100 pip move on gbp based on some comments from yellen also it was supposed to be yellow level news... something just aint right good time to be out... should have shut my position as well. Another lesson learned.

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    I got a strange feeling that gonned t possess some mad price action thats gonna test alot of traders convictions.

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    My thoughts as a money failure that is somewhat seasoned are to sit it out, yet to watch charts tommorrow and learn something. It is a poor time to be in the market on anything USD. I am checking the crosses for chances, nevertheless they will be impacted by correlations too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I got a strange feeling which were gonna possess some mad price action thats gonna examine alot of traders convictions.
    This is where you just have to stick to your strategy and overlook all of the market noise and everybody's opinion. Remember, the cool heads make the cash and take it from aroused amateurs...

    In case you are still concerned, then don't trade.

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    True why im not gont allow it to shake me im gonna stick to my game plan and certainty whatever the sound...

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    I'm glad I was already out of my trades before I discovered this. Now I have the luxury of thinking about it. I don't think I will open any new trades until later, though...

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    I hear u, I needed a protective stop in place so I secured some profit...

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    Now daily chart TA was screwed up. It was obvious to me that USDJPY and USDCHF long but Fukui remarks, Yellen, elections. That's crazy it was reversed. But I am still cautious about any USD rebound following election outcome and new york open to choose the steam of their moves on daily candles.

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    Okay, here is a idea, I am considering a short on in case it keeps up its current motion. I was checking it out again, I've been watching it and it is ripe for a short. Holler at me if I am wrong! Smack me! I said I was going to sit it out but it fits my system good!

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