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Thread: Post your Best Long-Term Stock Chart

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    Good to have you here. I trade a few distinct egies. My usual are breakouts and pullbacks into support/resistance zones. Generally, however, I would rather have the fundamentals aligned with my opinion. I let the chart do the majority of the job, but I tend to not invest in high-flying over priced stocks. I prefer small to mid-caps that are not as well known and do not appear in the media for fear that my view might be swayed by whatever the talking heads might say. In addition, I have a stable of blue-chips whom I trade in/out of, but intend to hold for longer lengths of time to collect dividends, etc..

    For instance, this can be one where the fundamentals have shrunk marginally negatively but I believe is a good longer-term play: In this case, I'm enjoying that they $100 level will hold up as support. Also this is probably about as big-cap as I'll go, therefore not the BEST example, but what can ya do...

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    Let us track Apple Inc..
    Thus, Apple Incorporated. It shall be tracked by us here because we will not get bored, looking at AAPL.
    So, what's going to wait us later on? Everybody could say here:Future is unpredictable and not available for the mortals. Yes. It's time to take a look.

    What do we find here? Extended high move up, with beginning - wave 1, the mid - wave 3 and also the end - wave 5. Notice, how well wave 4 divides all move into the golden ratio - the lowest will be 0.382 of the entire move and the greatest will be 0.618 of the entire move. Even this chart is enough to say:The move up because early 2000 is over. There'll not be Apple's rise beyond its current top in the not too distant future. Why ? Because five waves - 1-2-3-4-5 put together complete tide, wave up is over, now move down is unfolding. Right now we can say the target for Apple's collapse - first big stop down, it is the conclusion of tide 4. Price may attain this amount, may stops above it, may overshoot it soon, all variants are valid, we will say more precisely later, when the following fall will start.
    Now second chart.

    First move down - exactly the exact same five waves. Wave 1 - the start, its correction - wave 2(expanded flat), decisive wave 3 - the middle, its own correction - wave 4, and closing thrust down - tide 5. These five waves compose first step down, marked with A. Every measure wants a rest, after every fall follows appear, and Apple is climbing. This arise is just a break before another drop and we could put a good SELL position at the conclusion of this break.
    Now move up - the break after fall.It is made up of three waves as each correction does - waves a-b-c(blue labels), but this form is called expanded flat correction. Appearance - first wave a has three waves, then goes wave with the exact same three waves form and runs wave c up. The same view has wave two in down first move. Notice, how tide b falls past the start of wave a, forming expanded surface that is flat. Wave c in enlarged flat corrections attempts to exceed wave a finish, so can do currently running tide c up. Currently unfolding wave c will attempt to go past tide a end - above 123.82 or so. The conclusion of tide c is going to be a good spot to start SELL place on AAPL shares with a rather low price target. Let us look at wave c.
    precisely the exact same chart above, wave c is a final wave of wave B(blue labels), subwaves are indicated with green. Wave c is a usual, obviously visible five waves urge as it should be in horizontal corrections. We view wave 1 as a start, wave 3 because a centre and perhaps we could see wave 5 - the last wave of tide c. Notice, we could divide wave 3 into subwaves, as it's the strongest aspect of wave c. Sowe will track wave 5 of tide c to start a good SELL place. Follow our updates .

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    Apple inc. update.
    According to the last Apple move we have made trading decision to SHORT AAPL stocks. Time - 11 january 2017 20-15 GMT, at par 119.89 USD per 1 share. Price has not reached our target level - the conclusion of wave a, close 124 dollars. The previous wave 5 of the wave c appears complete and shows all indicators of end. This way is legitimate, price has attempted to reach the target, but neglected wave c has climbed close enough.
    Next chance, the previous wave 5 of tide c is not over yet and we have seen its very first part. In this case price will go on further and our place shall be tracked by us. In the case of move up we wait for the wave 5 to end itself simply close SHORT and then reopen SHORT once more. But we do believe, that tide c is already over.
    Wave B is finishing, we shall keep our position open until the conclusion of the major wave C down. First target is close to 82 usd. We are still track Apple moves.

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    All the best with it -- I'm not much of a Elliott Wave guy, but it works for some people. Apple is one where they are going to have tough time getting growth out of the businesses they're in, however on the flip side, their cash flow generation and valuation make shorting difficult for me personally. In that need to upgrade every year or 2 that I don't see that stopping over the intermediate term, their ecosystem has many people locked. Depends upon how long you want to maintain the short... you'll also be short the dividend and need to pay to borrow the shares. I think you will find easier pickings on the market.

    But Good Luck!

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    Here's one I posted over at TradingView -- HACK!

    Much like the breakout . Not surprising actually -- Hacking has (ahem) been in the news a bit recently. The prices on this ETF are a little high, but it has targeted vulnerability to a specific sector that should succeed in the. Consider a long-term holding. Not a home-run trade, only a nice steady holding. If one did not have as much conviction, could put a stop under $26.60ish. I believe you could be given another chance to add-on here by a healthy pullback.

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    How obvious do you need it? Square INC is the inventory rn. Proof, only read 5 moments of the Most Recent 10-Q and the effect it had

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    The chart looks great, but always hard to value these early stage businesses... Massive earnings growth, but still no earnings... I guess did they cite in the last 5mins of their conf. Call their route to profitability margin expansion? What did they say on the call?

    No argument though -- that's really a nice looking chart!!

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    I submitted a Nike Chart a while back. Hasn't done a whole lot. I see it this way now. Can utilize a stop to perform for another leg up. They are buying back stock, have a 30 percent ROE, and a brand unlike any other. I do not own yet, but am watching.

    (side note, amazing how it is possible to manipulate trendlines to tell you whatever you need...)

    Or, should you find this breaking down, you can buy places and/or strangles on this for next to nothing given how low volatility is.

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    NKE not tripping so here are some additional charts I found interesting this weekend.

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