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Thread: Why even daytrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    using bigger accounts to attempt to ch smaller moves.

    People erroneously think that the market is TOP to BOTTOM when in fact is BOTTOM TO TOP.

    The tick will create the minute which will create the hour, which will create the day, which will create the week, which will create the month, which will create the year.

    The longer you zoom out. . .the more the guess work

    I consider trading intraday to 48 hour (thats my average swing trade) is my span of trading and yes u could call me a daytrader. Red is right - its the thing - only looks different with visualizations.

    Additionally to hilmy's announcement it is absolutely incontrovertible blabla trading vs bla bla is equally as hard. Its based on capability, preference, risk portfolio (really this shouldnt change)... and TOLERANCe.

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    the tick will produce the minute which will create the hour, which will create the afternoon, which will create the week, which will create the month, and this will create the year.


    Learning the hard way, I was able to study price for about 800 hours 6 weeks, now fast TFs and perhaps even tickdata evoke forms in my head that slow traders can see 1x per month. When ignoring fast data, you ought to have good motives, fine capital and moderate goals.

    I had my amazing crash course in trading, because of quick price action, and it exactly fits my needs.

    Success and Insight everyone

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    I think one of the reason some commerce intraday is due to the capability to cultivate a smaller account large in a shorter amount of time in contrast to larger time period.

    Trading smaller time period allows you to trade larger position size due to smaller risk. For example, I exchange off PA and pinbars in the time frame that is lower are generally 10-20 pips, which means that much risk I've. If I had to do so on a daily chart, pinbar can run 100 pips and also to trade that my place size will have to become a lot smaller.

    Then we look at the gains. I can go for a 1-2% profit in a day due to trading larder position size. On daily, just how long will it take?

    The above is my opinion of course and one reason why I exchange lower time period.

    My 2c

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is definitely not for me personally, but I wonder why anybody else will waste their time trying to daytrade?
    Maximum chance.

    Great call on the feelings etc., tho.

    I don't get why'one pub - one (symbol)' etc.. I have ta look at hundreds to several thousand bars before I feel really familiar with trading, therefore the 1' functions.

    Oh, alright -- Maybe you mean one bar per emblem updates an automatic indior.
    For chart drawing, I've found much more is better. It brings from the MTF factor whilst staying on the exact same TF.

    Plus, the'lower timeframe, fewer pips' mindset becomes older.
    Accessible from possibly higher detail and thus lower risk
    is exactly the exact same reward (50-200 pips, as well as a bunch of little ones) along with a larger number of opportunities.

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    I find 4 hour charts to be good descriptors of what's currently happening, On one hand maybe not lagging behind the major trend and on the other. However, for day trading functions I utilize hourly charts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is definitely not for me, but I wonder why anybody else would waste their time trying to daytrade?
    Lets say you're watching 5 instruments, every at 20min, lets say you watch screens for 8 hours per day you receive 5*3*8 = 130 bars every day.
    130 bars, depending on how picky you're with your transactions that can spawn any number of transactions, for me it would be 5. Trades largely if .
    So much could go wrong while daytrading, you're under pressure to make quick choices, you can overtrade, you can get bored, mad in the markets, trying...
    I'm a day trader, 1 trade regular win or lose thru pending orders, closed/cancelled in the same day.

    My reasons:
    1. Heart calling: I feel as though day-trading.
    2. I enjoy profit, small losses.
    3. I enjoy my custom approach, which runs on intraday.
    4. It is good for me.

    I trade 1 currency only: AU, due to personal taste aiming for specialization. I watch 1 hour pub only, 24 bars every day.

    I feel no pressure. I have made my peace with Mr. Market, Mr. Profit, and Mr. Loss and now they have been working together in a favorable way for me

    Imo intraday or long-term trading are meaningless by itself, it is that the'you' who give it meaning. And the meaning you give it will determine the outcomes. Believing is seeing

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    Sorry but am perhaps off topic so much but I dont know why I got this term repeating itself in my head

    Day Breakers
    Day Brokers ). . Vampires )
    have you guyz watched the movie: afternoon breakers?

    Day traders are successful so far... at least as I know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    sorry but'm maybe off topic so far but I dont know why I got this phrase repeating itself in my mind

    Day Breakers
    Day Brokers ). . Vampires )
    have you guyz watched the movie: day breakers?

    Day traders are powerful so far... at least as I know!

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    As a day trader myself this is simple to answer. The benefit of day trading is that you get more chances. It means more $$ and NO drawdown.

    The challenges of day trading is dealing with boredom while waiting intensely for the installation to develop.

    I disagree with you that in day trading you are under pressure to produce fast decision or get mad . For almost any type of trading you need to organize your trade and trade your strategy. If trading is not effortless and stressless for you, then you are a trader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If trading is not simple and stressless for you, then you're probably a losing trader.

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