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    lol there's not any gap, I have attempted to point out this before to people that liked to express whatever under 1hour is noise. The market tendencies on a 1sec chart as it does on a 1day chart the only difference is will be for pips on a 1day chart. Take price and deadline away and you cannot tell the difference. Too a lot of people plan for 50, 100, 150 pips for little money, try aiming for 5,10,15 pips with large money. Now ask yourself the market goes 5,10,15 pips vs 50,100,150 pips?????
    I recall well your opinions regarding this particular subject. They're what began my exploring the fractal nature of price action and the artificiality of period frames.

    I started looking at PA as a constant flow rather than divided into discrete chunks arbitrarily according to time. You can probably imagine where that lead me. . .tick charts. Unfortunately I can only go down to 1 minute tf on MT4 and the tick chart emulators written in MQL I found unacceptable.

    Of course those familiar with MT4 know tick charts, of a sort, can be found in the Market Watch window and in the New Order/Modify Order window. When I'm in scalp style watching the M5/M1, I abandon a New Order window open at all times ready to pull the trigger. When I enter a trade I instantly open a Modify Order window planning to exit. The tick chart on the left tells me the momentum of a movement while the candles indie direction. Of course there's a lot more involved but that's my own scalp egy in summary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I remember well your opinions regarding this subject....
    Momenutm of price on a tick chart is very important when depositing little timeframes

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    If the decrease time frames are equal in the greater time frames, which isn't necessarily accurate, there are three variables to think about:

    1. Spread for a proportion of the trade. The spread on a greater time frame trade where the payoff may be hundreds or perhaps thousands of pips is much less significant as a trade based on reduced time frame transactions at which the payoff may be three or four dozen pips.

    2. Size upon position size of prevent effect. A stop to a lower time period trade may be positioned closer to the entrance than that of a greater time period trade. This means that time period traders can place value per pip transactions than greater time period traders.

    3. Length of time at the trade. Greater time frame transactions take to work out and reach a decision than time period transactions that are lesser. This means capital is tied up for lower time period traders that will turnover several trades a session.

    Lower time period traders can make more transactions at a greater value per pip in significantly less time than greater time period traders. If these benefits outweigh the spread variable then it creates more sense to trade time frames assuming the likelihood of success is exactly the same on time frames that are greater and time frames.

    Admittedly this doesn't answer the question of whether lower time frames are more noisy than greater time frames. Are they distinguishable and do systems fare better on time frames than lesser time frames? I would not place too much stock under 15m in anything but I am sure some people do alright and do. There are many ways to skin this, simply because you've found one way of doing it doesn't necessarily mean that other approaches will not perform successfully. There seems to be a lot of the'my way functions, any other approach is destined for collapse' which is a ridiculously mindset. There's a single way - develop a theory, test it, and test yourself. I am unsure how much more special you can get without making assumptions that are loose.

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    You know you can just prove whether it is accurate or not by taking a look at the distribution of these prices across different TFs and comparing this to among random noise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This dialogue certainly could be called sound as well.

    There is also another question to answer - Do you wish to sit and babysit a trade all day based off of a 5 minute chart? Do you wish to sit around and wait all day for that signal? Or, would you check the charts every 4 hours or so, and make decisions every 4 hours?

    It's nice to have a life out of trading after all. When you have into this, it was about freedom. Scalping a 5 minute chart daily is that in my view.

    It's the same thing....either you scalp for 1 hr love life afterwords or spread it in 4 elements of 15 mins to adjust your place enjoy life in between....entirely depends upon you so don't generalize it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Additionally, there's the factor of speed. I don't need to go too far into this, since it's simple to determine how price formation is generated a the speed. The indiion on this stage is that you need ability to translate and adapt to the formation that is oncoming whilst not allowing your emotions to reevaluate your decision making procedure. This is assuming you are trading based greatly on what you see before you (on a chart)
    When a 5m chart is too quickly for you... maybe you need to quit taking these sleeping pills and try to awaken. Of translate and adjust? About interpreting and adapting to news reports and technical factors that you need to do on a bigger timeframe because all of that will take place during your transaction and may impact it. There are good trades on greater tfs however you need to wait a lifetime and the relative profit potential is pathetic.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Compound interest. Do a spreadsheet of 3% a month for 20 decades. Utilize a reasonable balance to begin with. Whatever you can afford. Have a look at just how much it can grow with this steady return. Then do another exercise, ADD money to the account every few months, a few hundred bucks makes a difference.
    Try fishing, then you will enjoy it more. One has to be very bored to perform from his main job. If it is possible to invest it on your lifetime, money only matters, doesn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Who said one had to sit before a chart all day to scalp? ...
    you're saying exactly the same thing I had been. I don't disagree...I just don't need to sit down at a computer for 2 hours, it's still a lot of work.

    And by the way....what makes you think I fear about any commerce? There are far more dangerous things in life compared to a spike in GBP/JPY



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If a 5m chart is too fast for you... maybe you need to stop taking these sleeping pills and try to awaken. More of translate and adjust? About distributing and adapting to innumerable news reports and things you need to perform on a larger timeframe will take place throughout your trade and might affect it. Occasionly there are deals on tfs however you have to wait half a life for them, and still sticking to mm, the relative profit potential is pathetic.

    Try fishing, you'll like...
    This is amusing considering that you label says LIVE LONG AND HAVE FUN

    And let's not forget - if there are not profits, time doesn't matter. 20 years or's still a large fat zero if you can't create it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In case a 5m chart is too fast for you... maybe you need to quit taking those sleeping pills and attempt to wake up. More of translate and adjust? About interpreting and adjusting into news reports and factors that you need to do will happen during your commerce and may affect it. There are good trades on greater tfs but you need to wait a life and sticking to mm, the relative profit potential is pathetic.

    Try fishing, you will enjoy...
    First of Jurrasic, you're mixing quotes from me and out of Clockwork. It appears it's not me that's on these sleeping pills

    Secondly, I don't trade ANY time period, for your information. Charts are a secondary tool for my own trading, but that doesn't mean that the arguments I put out in my previous article do not exist. If you read what I wrote, you will observe that I mentioned that speed is a variable if your system is based grealty on the information presented in a chart. Mine isnt.

    However, who cares about the way I trade. That info is not constructive to the question of the OP, but then neither is your article.

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    I utilize all time frames. In the yearly down to 30 sec. Anything below that is too much noise Seriously, It's fantastic to utilize all TF's in order to get the big picture of whats really going on. Then I search for chances on any TF that gives one to me. For example I see where the trend is about the weekly and daily, I see a fantastic chance on the 4hr or 1hr then look at the 15min, If I'm still feeling great about this trade then I proceed to the 30 sec TF and stalk my trade. I sneek up on it and then kill it. Then I change back to the bigger TF's and allow my profits ride. It's all noise on all time frames. But will understand what its expression and the frequency that is ideal to listen to the noise for me personally is that the all stone all of the time frequency station that is 4hr.
    Golden rules of gambling,
    Cut your losses short and let your profits ride.
    The trend is your friend.
    Risk, Risk, Risk, it is all just a percent number.

    My perfomance from last week alone, 6,300 pips.
    This image was taken a few minutes before I shut all positions.
    The intrest swap was murdering me.

    Trend after does not noise pollution.

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