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    I recommend all to consider first looking at their charts from the top down.

    For instance, in the event that you primarily exchange a 1 hr., DON'T LOOK AT IT FIRST!!!! First check the daily. Look for any flags, double tops/bottoms, head and shoulders, TRENDS, fibs. These TF sigs that are bigger will have a tendency to override sigs. Then do the same to the four hr., just then look at your sig TF. I posted this idea regarding creating filters on the thread. Having several monitors helps! I've 5 21's and a 17 for the trading platform.

    I made the template to help assist in ID'ing trends from the top down, but it does not comprehend these other items I've mentioned.


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    1 Attachment(s) Thank you for the excuse, But I still dont undrestand our Stop loss stage, I undrestand with target or exit stage and entrance poind but would you please tell me a little about where to put stop to shield if things going wrong. thanks.

    Ultimately, you need to find out what works best for you. There is no absolute right/wrong. There is just that will be different than what and what is right for you.

    . . .that being said, for the USDCAD TLB (see attached picture ) I probably would have gone at the vert. red line @ 1.1341. I probably would have placed a stop a few ticks below the bottom of the pullback at about 1.1320. Placing a stop a few ticks beyond a pullback may be in discovering what works best for you, a fantastic baseline for you .

    Always try to adhere to a 2 to 1 R/R ratio however. In cases like this, the risk was 21 pips, so the target would have been 42 pips or 1.1383. . . .notice I said Always attempt to adhere...

    let us take a step back for a moment and take a look at the larger picture, the almighty context the sign ocurred in. Was this sig near that end of this week? YES!! Do we would like to hold the place over the weekend? Hell No!!!

    Has USDCAD had a massive run up? Yes! Can it be currently showing signs of losing steam? yes!

    The first stop was never threatened much, courtesy of having such a powerful trend behind it, so price didnt' tear to us considerably.

    In light of the above mentioned bearish and finish of this week factors, I think a fine trailing stop placement for this transaction would have been a few ticks below the low on the hourly chart once the transaction reached 50% of our target. I commonly begin trailing the stop in my positions once a get to 50-70% of my target. So, in this instance we'd have been stopped out at about 1.1370, delivering 29 pips with 16 pips ACTUAL risk. ...'almost 2 to 1! ;--RRB-

    Were we not close the close of the week, bringing 60% of this position in 1.1370 and leaving a third to run may be justified as the daily trend might continue USDCAD on its own Northbound path.

    Notice that it still has NOT reached the target of 1.1383 with sufficient to account for the spread and shut to the place. This is some flexibility is putting everything in a context and significant.

    Can someone PLEASE help the gentlemen in this thread that's having a challenge with all the file paths for your own indiors/experts etc? Thank you in advance!! I am running late once again.


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    Thank you very much for sharing your system.
    Only a question. Exactly what ´s an EMA Pivot?
    ¿where I can find information about this indior?
    ¿what role plays on your system?
    ¿Can this indior repaints as supersignals?


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    Hi daniel
    thanks again for your great assistance and all your respect to reply my question.
    Due to the template that issue is solved, I have missed the next indior, which I solved with your help.
    So that has been a fantastic signal from CAD above 38% fib and the rest of the indior specially 4h said going long and TLB from mutekki, I am sure there will be much indior will help like pivot line or camera lines too. To help us place our stop and exit stage. Thanks again.

    Ok, so the setup, we need to first at bigger time period that we could find a feeling in the market where it going, bull or bear tendencies, after that we will look smaller time period lkie 1hr and 15min, and look for alteration including arrows and candle formation or starcUS band penetration or fib lines and etc, after that we will take the tarde and place our stop beneath the support or above the resistance like camera lines or fib lines, and on the target we could utilize mutekki method or alternative setup.

    And dear daneil I dont undrestand about ema's in the StarcUSPlus template,what exactly are these EMA's, and what is used for? There's 4 EMA, 18, 72, 112, 28, with differnt lines, I dont know how to use them in what TF? Thanks for everything.


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    Maximus! Looks promising, however,

    (Unfortunately another Gladiator quote...)

    Should you find yourself riding alone at a green area with sunlight on your head, don't be alarmed, for you are in Elysium, and you're already dead!

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    Ok, so the setup, we need to first at larger time period that we can find a sense in the market that where it moving, bull or bear trends, after that we'll look smaller time period lkie 1hr and 15min, and look for alteration like arrows and candle formation or starcUS ring penetration or fib lines and etc, after that we'll take the tarde and set our stop below the service or over the resistance like camera lines or fib lines, and on the target we can use mutekki method or alternative installation.

    Yes!! That is exactly it! The Maximus template is just to help the trader get a better feel for what the market is currently doing. By doing this, the trader may create their transactions greater probability with less drawdown etc..

    Unfortunately I included the StarcUs template at the exact same time that comprised an Expert Advisor that had relied upon a Zig Zag indior. Although the EMA Pivots sigs might not be completely reliable as a stand alone indior, the Starc ring pentrations or some other reasonable way of defining a pullback must hold guarantee.

    And once more I'd love to say and mirror DiNapoli's thoughts that a purely subjective method of trading might work and a strictly mechanical method might make you money. But, there is that a system evaluated subjectively will always yeild the best results. Again, it's all about CONTEXT, and the Maximus template might help a bit in putting sigs into a context. Never have I seen. . . .it will come though.

    Additionally, the Maximus template might be found to be extremely complimentary to ANY system - Sidus, Bago, Mouteki etc..

    And dear daneil I dont undrestand about ema's in the StarcUSPlus template,exactly what exactly are these EMA's, and what's used for? There is 4 EMA, 18, 72, 112, 28, with lines, I dont understand in exactly what TF, how to use them? Thanks again for everything.

    The 18 and 28 EMA's are from Sidus. I like them a lot for helping to trends in the TF they are being plotted on. The jist of what I have been talking about though is perceiving a tendency through the next high TF (have you ever taken a trade in the direction of a trend that's on the exact same TF just to have it completely discounted for no apparent reason? In that case, this might have been due to a larger TF trend/fib/formation established sig in the opposite direction).

    So you ask about the 72 and 112 EMA's? That is only the 4hr Sidus EMA's being plotted, synthesize on a 1 hr chart; 4 x 28 and 18. This is the way I created the TF triggerline plots. FYI: it doesn't work with indiors. Just give it a go on ADX etc.. Anything that factors in open vs. closing price can not be synthesized in this way for obvious reasons.

    It's only a quick and dirty means to do it. It'd be much more accurate to write the proper code and pull the information from the greater TF chart, but as it is I'm using three different charting platforms and learning how to write code is not a priority.

    . . .in getting back on subject, were one to observe a spread that is good on the 72,122 EMA's on your 1 hr chart, then that could be an additional sign that the 4hr chart might have a trend on it. 112 EMA's and the 72 on the 1 hr ought to be relating to each other in a way tha't quite much like 28 and the 18 EMA's on the 4 hr. It's just more of the exact same notion of putting the sig template into the context of a trend on the highet TF.

    I have begun incorporating the 18,28 EMA's on my index trading too. I have never been a lover of MA's for fashion definition - I actually prefer using oscillators. . . .but I like these too;--RRB-


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    Here's a template for the M15 Metatrader chart. I discovered BOTH relied upon the dreaded zigzag indior and looked at the code for the prior StarcUs Plus templates. I removed both indiors. I also removed the Awesome Oscillator, where it's place is your #MTF Stochastic which brings the 1 hr Stochastic and plots it. I removed the Awesome Osc. Since it was being plotted on the same TF since the chart it was being plotted on.

    You may see some interesting setups under these conditions. (Remember that the #MTF Stoch indior is in reality plotting a 1 hr. Stoch which will be used as a sign. Having it plotting on the M15 chart however makes it a lot easier to utilize the M15 TLB's for entrances ). If there's a tendency on the 4 hr and Daily (another two greater TF's above the 1 hr Stoch), see for a Stoch. Intense reading on the M15. If this is experienced enter on the TLB.

    Also, the Starc Band penetrations are also intriguing.


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    Here' an example of the M15 using a Maximus fad on the 2nd two sigs.

    Note the how well 72 and 112 EMA's (actually, the Sidus EMA's from the 1 hr.) Called the trend.

    Again, the entry was around the M15 TLB After the Stoch pulled back into an extreme. The first entry was quite questionable, the two were pretty nice and are a fantastic example of why, when there's a growing trend on the TF's, it's sometimes good to hold a portion of ones position!!!

    And the base of the chart also illuminates the reason watching the greater TF's is so important. In another (hs1hr.) Image the Head and Shoulders pattern is more obvious and led to an explosive 200 pip reversal!!!! So the context of the M15 needs to be sensed from the top down.

    Further longer (on an even greater TF), the H S pattern pushed the 4 hr up into the 62% retracement of the previous bear move in which the M15 was shining. The 4 hr. Mouteki gave a dazzling short sig that launched a 200 pip sell off (nearer to 300 it seems like). So it's all about context. There is much wisedom in percieving the charts from the top TF down.

    If someone were just seeing the M15 about the very long run up after the H S sig about the 1hr and did not ch the approaching bearish h4 Fib, then it might make for a disappointing trade. Conversely, the diligent trader that caught the bearish TLB about the Daily chart (see my next article ) at the H S 4 hr signal followed by a retracement to the 62% using a bearish Mouteki was rewarded handsomely!!! . . .and may continue to get rewarded!!!


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    Here is the Daily TLB that was followed by the 62 percent RT and a bearish whopper of a Mouteki!!

    The H S that shaped in the Daily TLB was on 9/29. The H S is obvious on the 4hr, but muddy on the daily. However, the effect of this bearish dialy on the Mouteki is obvioius. Kudos to those traders who caught that one!!!!

    Also of interestNote the powerful diverengence in the oscillator every time price approached the 1.9050 level. Additionally, in the time of this Mouteki, the oscillator on the daily was studying Negative!! Yum Yum!!!! ;--RRB-


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    I wanted to post a heads up for the M15 EURCHF.

    Sig Arguments;

    Experts;It's at a Fib M15 Stoch @ oversold strong Trends on the 1hr on up Cons;Weakening Osc. Readings on all TF's except the Daily Against Major Resistance @ 1.595 Congested

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