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I am wondering any of those books that are recorded on this Forum comprise very good explaination on Fib projection equipment and Moving average and the RSI indiors? Which book? And does anyone know of any good free tutorials on such Topics, I am trying my best to learn TA.

Thanks for any replies

Indiors sucks,period.
Any chart college,instructing indiors studying reveals you examles.Plot the chart of the exact same curency,stock,future, go back,you will observe the exact same indior's setup the price going in precise reverse direction.When the RSI,STOCH,CCI is in oversold the price is still trending in the initial direction,they call which divergence,but in the heat of this transaction you will not realise that is.It's quite simple to display on the chart what past telling you if you'd if,in case you could,if you'd input....They will also tell you that not all of the indiors are working all of the time. (I'm only kidding they will not tell you)
My friend,maintain it it easy,you will not understand this sport overnite,you will need unlimited hours of chart watching,but I guarantee you after that you will be amazed,how you will predict the next movement. (do not torment yourself if your very first entrance is not accurate,we are not Prophets,after several years I enter Half lot,but in the end of the trend I'm in with 3 full lots in one pair trading 4 distinct pairs,but I'm a short term trader 10 pip profit trade will not become a looser for me...)
Should you see some traders chart,it's a JUNGLE so many indiors,just find 1-2 what you believe it is OK. For you go...

Why not try:
The New Market Wizards
Detecting Trend Direction And Strength
Traits of the Top 10 Percent

Try http://www.incrediblecharts.com/. Lots of info there.