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04-30-2014, 05:13 PM
Hello dear traders, we traders are like poor pretty fish, whether or not you please examine it carefully, trader will remain pretty fish but safe.

1. Market is predecided by the market makers, exchange is market manufacturer
2. It's like a boxing game, but our competitor is hidden
3. Do not place stop or limit, in this manner we have opened our game
4. Play always by market order
5. Have courage to acknowledge error, enjoy loss being a new experience
6. Do not become a bank or billionaire. Some banks have sunk, where, in crude oil
7. Loss % of equity is meaning less
8. Being a day trader having equity around 20,000 $ never never never trade more than 1 lot. For every additional lot 10,000 $ be inserted in equity.
9. Carefully picked minimal indiors
10. Do not predetermine profit but have profit at a proper loion keeping in view the position of indiors
I prefer to see and take position in 15 minute graph inserting Bollinger of 20 with deviation of 2 along with easy MA of 10 close. It's strongly recommended to use RSI of 5 employing close with the amounts 10,20,30,50,70,80 90. This pattern is only for currencies, stocks and metals.
Always take trade from lower or upper bollinger sell/buy. I observed market 100% redirect after forming divergence that can be well judge through RSI.A cautious back testing of any graph just of a month is sufficient to understand the divergence. It provides more than 80% positive result. 20% negative effects are just just due to the incorrect reading of divergences. Any one is allowed to have free consultation on 0923344719990 nevertheless be precise and to the stage. A very interesting example of EURUSD of all 2014-04-30 can be observed. Future MT4 graph, first low of 1.3802 posted by selling candle eventually closing at low and then second low1.3800 also final price posted by subsequent 11th selling candle(consider always closing price). Position of RSI at both prices clearly reveal divergence. Now trader needs confirmation of divergence that is being confirmed by subsequent selling candle closing at 1.3791 using the low of 1.3786, since RSI is higher compared to RSI of price 1.3802. Had RSI been reduced compared to the RSI of price 1.3802 that the divergence would have been completed indiing no buy. Now conclusion of a very next buying candle has to be waited to consider buying position and market formed buying candle showing OHLC as 1.3790/1.3797/1.3787/1.3792. Then market posted another low of 1.3771 but returned up forming buying candle. Now it's mentioned that if market had dropped in next couples of candles where to take loss. Yes it can happen. If any candle closes below the price of 1.3786 that is low of selling candle closed at 1.3791 no wait to depart. I hope it's sufficient and good luck to every reader.

11-21-2021, 04:15 AM
when did pakistan legalized forex trading? Without being captured did transfer 20k out of pakistan? Why suprised?

Underneath the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) regulations, one can transfer 20k US$ involving a Pakistani private foreign currency bank account and private bank accounts abroad. Transfers from private to corporate accounts are currently not allowed. Furthermore, there's absolutely no limit on transfers in reverse, i.e. sending money to a private account at a Pakistani bank.

11-21-2021, 05:36 AM
When I first stared trading my stops were continuously getting struck just for the market to move from the direction I had originally projected. After this I exchanged for a little while without stops but soon discovered the hard way that this is dangerous too. I prefer to place my stops below present resistance points and can also use trailing stops too for a fast moving market. I'm not sure that a thread qualified trade with no stop in a newcomer section of a forum is a superb idea.

11-21-2021, 06:57 AM
After I stumbled trading my stops were always getting hit just for the market to move in the direction I'd originally proposed. After this I exchanged for a while without stops but soon discovered the hard way this can be dangerous also. Now I prefer to place my stops below present resistance points and will also use trailing stops also for a fast moving market. I am not convinced that a thread qualified trade with no stop in a rookie section of a forum is a great idea. I had a similar issue with my stops getting struck ahead of the market moving in the direction I had been hoping.

In Market Wizards (I forget which trader), I learned to put a stop well below (or above) where you think that it should stop... for example support. How low? Low enough if that level is struck, you understand your trade was wrong... even though it were to turn around after getting stopped out.

You tend to lower your trade size in this manner, but plogically, this is among the best practices I have ever used that turned my trading around.

11-21-2021, 08:17 AM
I had to read the article several times before it created sense..and on quits, it makes more sense to trade with one than with no stop.

11-21-2021, 09:38 AM
When did pakistan legalized forex trading?

Just how did u transfer 20k from pakistan, without being captured?