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I am going to examine a few new thoughts I've, to extract hopefully several pips from this pair from the daily chart down to scalping off the 5 minute.

Trade 1 Buy @ 160.54

Trade 2

Sell @ 160.54 @ 11 32 Stoploss 25

Trade Two

Close for 5 pips

It Had Been up at one Point to 25! Sigh Once again greed will get me!

I am happy to report back that my newest egy for trading the EY was operating very well.

I opened a demo account on the 15th of January, which was 6 days past and by this morning my equilibrium grew 54%. A $10 000 account went to $15 5407, trading nearly exclusively the EY.

I did the same transactions in my live account. It is worth it to trade and attempt new things every once in a while.

I will include my announcement.


Doing a little bit of dangerous against the tendency scalping now.

Buy @ 153.03 @ 11:33 SL 20 pips

Closed at 153.37 for 34 pips

Buy @ 152.40 at 7 02

Exchange for 18

Sell @ 152.64

Closed for 3 Somehow I am not overly comfy to let this one enter negative now.

Closed for 3 Somehow I'm not overly comfortable to let this one enter negative today. Hey there FXpip,
great work with your system and reporting the profit and dropped of each trade.
I enjoy the way you report the buy and sell in realtime in two unique posts.

Keep up the Fantastic work

Thank you for your kind words.

Buy @153.30 9 : 22

Close for 20 pips

Another day another few dollars!

Buy @ 154.72

Closed exchange for 18 it went briefly as large as 28!

Greed will get my nowhere. Better to tak cosistently and leave a few of the pips on the table for other good traders to get.

Yet another 3 fast scalps for 12 pips.

See attached word doc.
I dont take generally much at a time. I do trade and try when it secure.

So for today I'd 16 trades.

14 made pips and 2 were losers

14/16 = 88% winning admissions

The first one I called here and the other 15 I'll attach the statement for. I do trade the exact very same transactions on my live account. Today was again a great day to extract some decent pips.

Trade 1 was 18

The 15 others around the statement were as follows

5 4 3 9 9 2 6 2 17 23 ( -13) ( -18 ) 9 9 4

= 120 (Winners) - 31 (Losers) = Complete profit

= 89 pips

The demo account moved from $5000 to $5703 = 14% increase ( this is without the 18 pips I called in my 1st trade)

I believe that with non lagging indiors scalping is potential but you need to understand what is going to happen next eg I am in a winning trade and I see O bought/O sold I will take off the pips off the desk, as I will see it'll turn around.

I won't buy when I visit that the market is already Over bought. I mention this as I see some live calls and I look on my charts and I go: mmm, now that is a no brainer, its already O bought!! Why on earth will somebody go and buy right there?

It must be a trader who believes they could earn money with hardly any and or quite lagging indiors or somebody who believes because they'enjoy the appearance' of a certain candle, the sky will fall and provide them pips:--RRB-

In case a silly blond female like me could do this, then anybody can at least make 20 pips a day. I've read no FX books and have taken no FX courses, what I understand I've read online and I have been assisted by fellow traders ( fantastic strangers to me)

Happy trading for you all! Go grab the bull by the horns and create lots.The FX market has so much to give/donate for you each day. Its for us to simply take it and bank it.

I did 3 more trades

Total trades for now: 19 trades

17 winning trades
2 losing trades

17/19 = 89% winning entries

Formerly for now we'd 89 pips profit.

3 more trades created 35 2 74 = 111

Formerly for now 89 111 = 74 200 pips

The demo account went from $5000 to $7785 = $2785 profit

2785/5000 = 55.7% increase ( this is minus the 18 pips I called in here previously )

Account statement attached.

I trust I'm not more than trading, I've heard people speaking about that in the past, I dont know what it signifies. For me I see an opportunity. I assess my indiors and when its a go, I jump in with both feet. I am hoping my calculations are right.

In case this dum blond over here can do it, then you certainly can do it too! Believe in yourself! :--RRB-
Joyful trading:--RRB- Now proceed and create lots.

Luck favours the prepared

Hey there FxPip, I only saw your thread and it feels like you've got a pretty effective egy! I shall follow this thread and wish you the very best of luck in your transactions.

I'm trying to begin a live account soon, so I'm pretty excited, and every time I see someone achieving great results like this, it is more encouraging!

Keep up the fantastic work, and if it keeps working so good, don't hesitate to tell me what indiors you're using to exchange the! https://www.forexsoutheast.asia/attachments/15279106082081465472.png

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Gator.

Its ancient days. . If I can always make good money scalping the EY time will tell. I'm confident enough at this stage I have a reasonable handle on my feelings and have grasped the indiors to make wise entry choices, that I now finally trade this very same entrances on my live account.

I don't need to become overly aggressive and greedy. Listed below are sufficient pips for everyone.

Been fighting a little with old bad habits, I cling sadly.

Produced 11 trades of which 3 were losers so much today. I am showing the last trade of the previous statement just as never to be cheating. I place it all the good and the bad, therefore why I have this journal. I want to be dead honest with myself, its the only real way to proceed and become really succesful.

One commerce during Londen session proved to be a big way out of control loser, I should know better! I panicked if it moved so fast against me then I tried to hedged with 2 trades in the opposite direction to set off some of my instant losses. I then panick even more, as I didnt know which to close when having buy and sell trades at the exact same moment. A mess!

Now during NY session I am having difficulty loing my'groove'. Account is back up where it was yesterday.

Balance now is at $7789. . Still a 56% increase from once I started it yesterday.

Hopefully a few calming down of my emotions and much more patience will end in good trades again. I am aware

'd 18 scalps for today so far

Id: 12
Losers: 5

B/E: 1

Account went from $7785 to $7960 = 12 $175

Not a fantastic functionality

Up 2.2 % for today.

Complete upwards from $5000 yesterday to $7960 = $2960 = 59 percent

Lessons learned: One major failure is a killer within an account. Keep losses little. Walk away shortly from a transaction that is lousy. Not all trades will be

There'll be an additional bus to hop on in half an hour. Look after your capital. Losing money in this company is simple.
Making it back is so incredibly HARD.
Even harder in my feelings to reside with such a massive loss.

Sometimes a blonde like me, I let it all hang out and exchange like a cowboy. All over the area with feelings running and the EY horse bucking big time.

Report: Asian Session

I have resolved to open for each and every session a new demo account to keep track of my transactions its simply easier to do the math this way seeing I first enter the very same transactions on my account and I do get to a few trades per session it cuts down on the calculations to get me personally somewhat and I want to view how profitable is your Asian session for me personally.

Tonight I had a total of 14 trades

11 winners = 34 2 6 13 12 1 8 16 5 6 1 = 104

and 3 winners = 24 33 27 = 84

Net gain = 20 pips

Account went from $5000 to $5409 for a 8.2% growth

My performance today was only okay. I know I can perform. I was trading sort of all over the area rather than planning the transactions really well (as if I can afford to Eliminate money! )

I am thinking I have to be more disciplined and plan it better. I want to be alert all of the time whilst viewing for a possible set up. I find myself asleep at the wheel a lot of occasions, then I see a sudden movement. I don't have any idea where it came out and I jump in normally with disasterous consequences for this particilar trade.

I also find my losing trades are too big I want to let go of the bad apples manner earlier. Trading mainly off the 5 minutes and 1 min chart there are 2 chances every hour to make a couple. So why can I jump in when I am not completely ready or anticipating an upcoming trade. I start to think that perhaps my mind tells me that this is simple you can mess up this transaction and make it up on the next. I cannot afford to think that way. In so many ways this is all in my mind.

I am hoping to have a better day tomorrow. Good luck to everybody

Trade 1: Closed in 11:28 for 5 pips

( it was up a lot of time to 14 pips. .greed will get me )