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CHOROS (conspicuous ho-roh-sh) means Dance in Greek.
Since that's where I am from, I thought I could use this as a name because anything else may be considered dangerous. My name does not start from e which can be considered dangerous in FF.

Anyway, I am posting this just to have a house for people who want to continue talking about the Dance egy that has been transferred from the admins. My experience with the egy is very positive to date and that I will continue trading this way as it has changed my results dramatically. Original principles here: https://www.forexsoutheast.asia/forex-market-analysis/34-.html
(EDIT) Clay decided to provide more help by upgrading his manual and allowing us to post from the CHOROS ribbon:
Reposted here: https://www.forexsoutheast.asia/general-forex-discussion/30-.html

I'd like to keep this place clean with exactly the exact same strict rules which the original thread had. I will be unable to post as frequently as Clay but don't hesitate to help each other in this. Also this thread is not to argue about whether the ban of the original thread is reasonable or not. There's a thread for that from the Member's Lounge. This thread is only for the original egy.

For now I leave you with a photo of my account BD and AD (Before Dance and Following Dance).


EDIT: MM principles on page 72, article 1080

ADDED 31/03/2011: duffypratt has done some superb work creating a table of contents to the thread. A huge thanks to him by the rest of us. The TOC is attached as a Word file below (for those of you that do not know, if you hold CTRL and click the link, your browser will get you to that article.