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I found the scalping egy I have been looking for all my life!!!!

EuroRiddle v1.0 (99.9% accuracy):

gt; you make 1 trade per day on the EURUSD

gt; your day ends at 4:59EST and starts at 5pm EST

gt; utilize 60 minute chart with the MACD and RSI on the chart

gt; each day at 5pm EST you start viewing the chart. It may take hours and hours of viewing the chart, but continue watching until low or the high for the day was hit.

Gt; as soon as your daily high or low was hit the 60 minute graphs, switch to your 1 minute graphs. The sign is confirmed, if the daily high or low has also been hit the 1 second chart.

Gt; following the sign is verified enter the trade immediately. Go short when it's the high for the day that's been hit. If it is the low that's been hit, go long.

Gt; place stop reduction of 15 pips and a profit target of 25 pips.