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Hi Peoples,

I have an indior that generates 6 colours in its own histogram.

What it does.

When travelling, it generates:
Bright red when travelling down and MAs are extending.
Maroon when travelling down and MAs are closing.
MediumSeaGreen on the very first bar of MAs starting to close. **

When travelling up, it generates:
Vibrant green when travelling and MAs are extending.
DarkGreen when travelling up but MAs are closing.
Bright Orange when travelling but on the very first bar the MAs start closing. **

It can read each of those buffers and their colours, and you can see this by the histogram values onto the face of the chart.
However, when you place the indior on the chart it does not demone the history initially even though it can read it. However as time progresses it does show the history with appropriate colours.

Also in the event that you change timeframe or symbol, it resets the history and is unable to demone the history until time has improved.

If anyone knows how to fix this and can repost, I am very greatful.

The images below show what I mean too.


The reason I want the ** is I discover that when this is a retracement, along with the TF preceding is still trending, then that is the bar that's secure for re-entry to a trend.