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    This expert advisor creates offline USDLFX charts. USDLFX is an index developed by LiteForex. This emblem isn't on the other brokers. This EA attempts to fill in this gap. You Have to join the EA into a EURUSD chart. The EA generate USDLFX chart with the identical time period as the EURUSD chart's timeframe.

    -- Update 2017-01-26 --
    Version 1.42 released. In this version the EA automatically finds suffix of symbols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Regrettably MT4 platform does not support ticks history. So, the only way would be to run the chart founder EA always on a VPS. Another way, which will be an approximation, would be to utilize M1 data to gauge wicks. But it requires us to have access to a deep history of M1 data which is usually not available on Broker's servers.
    Thanks for your observation.
    It will be the same issue if you shift to MT5?
    I'm almost convinced ninjatrader platform has tick data .

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    Firstly, thank you for a very, very valuable instrument!

    Secondly, please inform me directly if my ideas are out of line based on the hard work you've put into this EA.

    My proposal is mainly depending on the wicks ticks problem, but also on the fact that just one EA is allowed onto a chart, hence 8 EURUSD charts with 8 EA's too as 8 offline charts to see LFX's (not that you want to do that necessarily...), only a few serious admin work. and that's still all in one TF...

    Please inform me if I am wrong, but an LFX chart would basically be just like a basket chart of those combined pairs of a particular currency, but using a few pairs dared to compensate for the base/quote differences, right?

    If so, why not take an offline basket creator indior such as this...

    . . .and utilize the logic in an indior such as this (where pairs could be deciphered )...

    . . .to create an LFX Indior rather than an EA?

    Unfortunately, I have absolutely no coding experience at all, so I am not able to do itself. I did change the Basketv8 indi however to incorporate the basket that GVC trades and a few baskets I don't trade. A large thank you to GVC for modifiions made into the above 2 indiors in's Nevertheless Basketting thread.

    For those who want to see it at work, you can attach the Basketv8 indior to some chart of any time frame (but rather a pair with higher tick rate such as GBPJPY), choose your basket number (5, 8 or 14) along with the TF and open the offline chart as you usually would. For instance, if you want to generate the H1, M15 and H4 charts of the C8 basket, then you drag 3 instances of the Basketv8 indi into precisely the exact same chart and change the settings into the TF's. The Multipair Average indior must be placed on an online chart - it doesn't operate in an offline chart. I usually place both indi's in precisely the exact same chart.

    That is a proposal to streamline the LFX charts rather than to introduce a new leadership of the thread. There are dozens and dozens of articles in the basketting threads about those and indiors, so please don't bomb this thread with questions if you don't understand these indiors and exactly what they do.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Where would you get these formulas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi, the CAD,60 chart in your message is a different index (it uses a different formula).
    Due Math, the EA is not working anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes, you are correct I know seller EA and flashed his thread. There is an important problem which I tried to explain DIRECTION. I think, direction is the most important things on trading. I will try to clarify my view; *#304;f both indices are currently moving in a different direction at time, IT'S EASY. *#304;f both indices are currently moving in precisely the direction at time, IT'S TO HARD. Most traders lose money in case. We call this scenario a set market. #304;n this scenario,the most important question; How can we define the...
    *#304;f both indices are moving in precisely the same direction too, IT'S TO HARD.

    For this case we can set parameter ratio, where we split the base/quote. For example if we choose to filter currencies together with same leadership and ratio 2, it means the following:

    EUR 6
    AUD two

    EUR/AUD gt;=two??? 6/2=3 so qualify to BUY EURAUD

    Notice: Working with indexes the JPY, LFXJPY consistently should be in the Identical direction of the foundation. If We Would like to buy GBPJPY, GBPLFX and LFXJPY should be

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    Model 1.45 published (I upgraded Post 1). In this version,
    1. The EA uses the kernel32 for file operations' standard functions to take care of brokers who offer symbols. . R that cannot be managed with FileOpenHistory() of MQL4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No Issues. Concerning the notice on page one. How can we've tick history data to replie the wicks? Due
    Regrettably MT4 platform does not support ticks history. So, the only way is to run the chart founder EA always on a VPS. Another way, which is an approximation, is to use M1 data to gauge wicks. However, this requires us to have access to some profound history of M1 data that's usually not available on Broker's servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for your observation. It'll be exactly the issue if you change to MT5? I sure ninjatrader platform has tick data by default. Thanks
    You're welcome!

    Theoretically it might be possible to replie ticks in MT5 for this use, but the current EA was developed for MT4. I don't utilize NinjaTrader, but I have discovered that the consumers have access to the history of ticks on that platform.

    For the moment, the current EA can't rebuild the wicks in the lack of ticks history, unless we wish to do some ugly solution to deal with this problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank you for your observation. If you shift to MT5, it will be exactly the issue? I'm almost convinced ninjatrader platform has tick information . Thanks
    Hello Merka,

    There is no requirement for an Expert Advisor to replie the LFX indices in MT5. You are able to make custom logos in MT5 such as wicks, like a standard chart. The formulas are written here

    View Symbols Custom Create Custom Symbol

    USDLFX in MT5:

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