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Thread: Why forex?

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    Whatever guy!

    And he does earn 300%,

    wait a sec, perhaps I am encouraging him today

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    I think maybe there are no other motives except for pursuits.
    Simply because we love it and so we devoted to it.
    In fact, it is not easy to start a coffee shop to gain 30%.
    That's not guaranteed also, my friends.

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    In my opinion folks choose Currency Market trading cause it's an easy way to earn money for a quick time since you do not need to head out of your house, just download MT4 in your notebook and begin trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Pathetic, this query, and these threads. Over and over and over again. Individuals focusing on explanations and crap rather than doing their homework and working hard. It is going to never get you anywhere.
    I too ask the identical question the thread starter has raised. I see many say that even great traders make just 30% each year. I ask query myself. Is that all? 30% per year? I also would want to know whether there are those who are consistent enough to make much more money in trading. But, I'd feel uncomfortable to ask that question. You know why? The best traders such as baccarat will pop in and say we (who ask these questions) are worst individuals on the planet. If he has had enough with such discussions and questions, keep away. The thread starter is only asking a question if trading profits can be much better than what he has already been said.

    Before beginning up with any company I'd like to know what it is capable of. I can ask such questions into the knowledgeable traders. So know the question . It is actually'Are there individuals who make great profit consistently rather than only 30% per year?' I feel that is the question. If your answer to the query is yes, then say yes. If no, say no. If you believe this query is ****, please keep away. Because here the choices to the questions are A. Yes, B. No. There are no choices of what you consider the question. So such answers are insignificant.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Individuals focusing on explanations and crap rather than doing their homework and working hard.
    I'm ready to do house work and work hard as you say. However, I want to understand what is the result for all my effort. It is absolute nonsense to push a vehicle quickly and smart without knowing that's my destination.

    My brother makes a consistent profit of 30% / MONTH (typical ) of the investment for 3 YEARS through trading stocks at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE - Indian Stock market). We both believe Forex can be much more profitable than that. In addition, I understand what he does and how he trade in BSE. I look on Forex since we both have heard Forex has much more possible. If individuals make just 30% / year trading Forex, I'm wasting my time learning about Forex since I will exchange in BSE itself. Why Forex? So what is wrong in asking a question like this before wasting time? After all time is money.

    @zahmedI believe there are individuals who make consistent profit atleast 100% per year in Forex as my brother makes greater than that at a smaller market compared to Forex. However, such traders are not showing up here. I mean who'd like to chat here if you're making great profits unlike what the majority of them assert here? If I make substantial profits in Forex I'd surely not care to post here instead learning Forex more and make more profits.

    I feel the members here are who want to do big or people who believe it isn't possible. So those who do great are aliens . I mean look at the comment of falcon333

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Some are laughably asserting they make 300 percent each week.
    Dancing Phil admits he makes this type of profit. Falcon333 never fails to listen. He's a firm belief that such elaborate number admitted by ingphil isn't possible at all. So why does ingphil need to squander the time others? What eventually happens? Individuals who make great profit never cares to share their success story . Does that mean that they don't make profit?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You are absolutely correct mate. The drivel with this thread is not worth responding to. When you study direction, we find it is a 1-2% occurrence and this thread was not about seeking out leaders in the field of Forex trading; instead it is about losers getting together and sulking as a team.
    This is my stage too with a small deviation. Can you believe that this thread is the only thread where losers are getting together and sulking as a team? I really don't think so. This entire Forex mill and such a community is itself consists of majority of losers getting together and sulking as a team. That is why one is making fun of you once you say you create 300% profit.

    Only a loser wouldn't want to trust somebody who say he's making profit. Danchilphil states so. Many may not agree. It all comes down to what you believe.

    My verdict: The question is in English into Romans. You are never going to get an answer.

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    Hi Zahmed,
    You seem to have a fantastic start on trading fx on your little account...I remembered exactly what you had been risking per trade.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Have a look at my TD, it stands on 30 and in a couple of weeks, I have done a hundred percent in under a month also, and trust me iam nothing there are many traders reaching 1000% a month also. But that is not the point, what I am trying to set is that when it comes to investing as a consistent business, 30% year is the greatest even top traders do.
    On the fx side (not gold) I've reviewed your transactions and looked in the charts. I'm wondering what it is that you're utilizing as a stop loss point, and a take profit point? The majority of the transactions that dropped you some percent on were originally profitable. Did you have a pre-determined variety of pips in mind that you're hoping to make? The reason why I'm asking this is. . .you're scalping. . .and using a smaller pip target. . .say 4 to 6 pips. . .you may be banking the profits and earning 4 to 5 per cent a day.

    Just interested,



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    The purpose in trading, isn't only to be rich but also to spread your investments. And also to have the financial freedom...

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    We dont' need in several words. Forex is simply convenient to earn money)))

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