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    The purpose of his thread is to offer a trading journal which will show my ideas and recognized set ups - mainly to myself. I want to stress that I am a new trader and guys who are looking for advice will find this thread futile, if find it whatsoever.

    It is a great tool to monitor my development, from pretty much . I am comparatively new to FOREX and not able to trade profitably in the moment so this is full of failed set ups and transactions, I expect. That is OK, I want to deliver a mirror to myself so that I can face with the problems.

    I would love to learn how to exchange with VSA egy and price action so that I will focus my attention to those along with crucial S/R areas and Psych levels. It seems to be elaborate work right now, there's a lot to learn and keep in mind, but the light is there in the end of the tunnel, I am sure about it.

    I started to trade off the 5m, but I just haven't enough time to read it and it's also way too dumb. So here we go.

    EDIT: Idecided to go for longer duration trading, trend trading. My plogical level is not sufficient for kind term trading, so it gets me stressed. I don't wish to see sreens all of the time anyhow, what would all the girls do ? Additionally, I'll monitor just EU, AU and GU for trend trading chances.

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    I did not like this trade because it had possibly tight space to move up to - the previous R that has been broken through - so I exited with a slight 1 pip loss.

    Like I post, it did a 30 pips upward move to my favor. Here is an example of choosing the proper management and having p problems sitting it through and so forth. Sooner or after this post will be just a funny one to me personally as I'll remember back how undisciplined I was.

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    This is a trade I took.

    In an upward trend, following an attempt to grow over Supply line we're searching for by chances on Test/NS or reunite to Supply line. This occurred and I entered. After 11 pips profit I pulled my SL to BE and booked some little profit. In this particular trade.
    Now the problem is that I guess that this tendency can go higher although I can't afford to loose. This may end up me being stopped outside.

    Any proposal?

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    EJ is about the move and it's fairly clear till 132. 40. I can not chase and missed it.

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    GJ appears to break down, but this is a risky area to me.
    Open Prices and MAs are over, which can be good but this is also a fantastic spot to reverse the trend.

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    1 Attachment(s ) ) Nice trade chance, nice learning.

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    I took this transaction too early however, the reason I took it's in post 4.

    This is what I did:

    After some pull back on that attempt to drop bar I changed to 5m TF and clicked onto a potential ND bar. WRONG FOR ME!


    Once I entered I knew that this could easily pull back to the rest out line - that occurred in 45 minutes. I also shouldn't have shifted to 5m, since that is what's too quickly for me. I'm in profit and exited a number of my position and now at BE. But I have to have done this AFTER the pull again.
    Also a little risky because RSX is way oversold. Not necessarily works but we may bounce here a bigger.

    EDIT: since the RSX is at oversold area, I expect this down movement to dye out soon.

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    I still have a lot of problem with control and I am struggling with this esignal platform. I must note to myself that much superior than MT4 although It's a trial. That is compare for this.

    For example, the bars seem really better, the price is smoother, looks like there's no gap in the price, much heer.

    Here is my transaction for daily. I can post it to the VSA forum properly.

    EDIT2: - my other readings for today

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    I had been looking to go long with this thing and could not track because I liked th setup on GJ/UJ/EJ more. Having analyzed the action I'm currently looking to go short after response. Only quality setups!

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    The close of the week was rather a mass. The webinar was taken by me from tradeguider also it was really exhausting. I took some trades too to a minor loss. That's a problem because I could not focus on the trades accordingly, of course, I must not expect profit .

    Only not, I thing the frequent issue with paper trading is not applicable to me. That's to get no pressure. I believe I have it since I have actual account with some ROBOTS trading on the with conservative preferences. I am a little better compared to BE on people but had losses before so I understand how it feels. That's why I am careful with my newspaper account too possibly.

    I also realized that CLEAN PA patterns requiring a specific near the bar do not necessarily apply to 100%. VSA either. The fundamentals are more than fine however, the strict rules tend to fail. That is because of the TF. There's no TF, only chart and PA in time. It happens to be that based on broker and TF the close of the bars are different. If there's absolutely no pin bar on 420, than here is on 360. If there's absolutely no snare on 60, there's on 120. If there's absolutely no ND on 30, there may be on 15 or even 20 or even 10. The indiions are extremely important ut curve matching may apply. I will need to investigate this further. The very significant is that we need to find these price and V actions at the ideal S/R pace. That appears to be the most important to me personally. After verifiion of the pattern an action is needed.


    It is a down trend Right Now. The institutes are short so that I must be too.
    I need to be sure so I want to see a correction then short it if setup comes up. Ironically, I missed the opportunity to short nicely before. No problem.

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