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    25-50 pips per week is much more realistic. 20 at a day is a landslide. Yet traders appear to believe that is the minimum they should achieve. Madness, I tell you.
    I concur. I bagged over 300 pips this week trading that the rate statement but once I might be incorrect. Kathy Lien, FXCM highly admired currency expert heading a group of specialists doesent typical 20 pips a day. I plan for 30 pips every day and expect to typical 10 pips every day. I will be happy if I just achieve 5 pips per day average. This week was a blessed start

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    While I know aims are valuable, I don't see pip aims are something that helps anyone.

    I trade what I see as a good probability setup, no more, no less.

    If I was trading for a goal I'd likely overtrade, and I believe targets on pip counts create that sort of environment for new traders.

    Not saying that targets in forex are bad in general, maybe the goals should only be focused elsewhere.... Like'I will read two books on currency management this week', or'I'll read the whole chart thread this month'

    Just my $0.02

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    Hello friends.
    I have begun a thread about making minimum 100 pips each week, so since this thread is dead and if you're still interested you can keep your eye on my journal and see just how far I get.

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    What are the different systems?

    You need to explain them and lets follow along with it. Thats the only way you won't cheat anyone of them. . .cheat means taking the brief cut and not adhearing to the rule.


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