Stochastic arrow alert for levels needed
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Thread: Stochastic arrow alert for levels needed

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    Dear Programmers,

    I have been searching for Stochastic Indior with particular function but could not loe it anywhere. Below are the specs I need:

    The Indi should show Arrows from the Chart when Stoch Line crosses from under, say, Level 70, to over then again from above to below that Level. Vice versa for the lower Level. Please see the case attached. Just to be perfectly clear, I only need the Arrows; don't reproduce the oscillator again nor the lines.

    In the event that you currently have this type of indi, kindly please share it or offer a link . If have not, would you be kind to make it?Please provide ALL the Functions Alternatives the default option Stochastic Oscillator of MT4 provides. Plus, please provide options to alter: #8203;#8203;The Styles of the Arrow (e.g. Thin, Thick, Thumb, Circle, etc.); and The Distance of the Arrow from Candle. So that, should there be other arrows from other indiors put there it will not be perplexing to see and overlapping with each other.
    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards,
    Wibie G

    Note on the Picture: The arrows and lines are created by me by the functions of Insert | Lines and Insert | Arrows in MT4; not generated by an indi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Check this out for a Beginning. You might need to pay a coder for time.
    Hello Intrepidpips,

    Many thanks to the sharing!

    I've checked your mq4. It seems it only generates arrows when Signal Line moves from over Overbought Degree to under, and from under Oversold Level to above. It is lacking a more arrow when Signal Line moves from under Overbought Degree to and from over Oversold Degree to under.

    I wonder if anyone could just modify the mq4 to add that spec. Distance works and the arrow style are the bonuses, of course.

    Wibie G

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