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    Does anyone have an indior showing the spread with larger size numbers they can share. I would like to be able to Pick the display corner and size/colours of amounts

    It Has to Be MQ4 as I can't load any EX.4 onto my PC (If anyone can tell me how to fix I would be very glad, Metatrader can't assist me ) )

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    Hi Hanover,

    Thanks for that, I appreciate your help.

    Lots of choices and with a little fine tune tuning I have just what I wanted.

    I have attached a chart to show the indior for any prospective customers, I have also attached the indi together with my preferences, so they now have an option

    Could not have done it with you, thanks once again.

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    The Display Spread indi is my favorite spread indi, but it does not display the spread correctly on gold. I've tried altering the Output format settings but so much either I have not found the appropriate settings or I'm not correcting the right input. I think someone will either have to let me know the right output format settings or amend the indi to display the spread correctly. As it's already in this thread I didn't upload the indi.


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    How do you adjust font without it reverting to first format when changing through frames.
    Have attempted making the adjustments saving as a template but doesn't work either.

    Can it be precisely how these indiors have been coded?

    Appreciate your time men. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    attempt this one. You can move it to some corner you desire. . document
    Hi does one make the indior look in 1 chart just?

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    I thought I would add more detail for this petition , I would like the spread exhibited in a similar manner as the price on the attached chart. I've attached the indior to the magnified price, can it be feasible to change the indi to display the spread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello will you create the indior look in 1 chart just?
    Not sure what you mean. . Maybe like this?

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