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    Guess that, my swissie got filled and stopped while I was off!!

    Set a tight stop

    and for some reason, I did not have sufficient balance to place a different order for AUD!!!

    But once I got stopped on CHF, I have balance to perform it now... shucks

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    Well it broke below the trendline simply to undo higher again. .

    Think I stumbled across something about the first swing being a fictitious break

    lots of new levels reached last night so that I will re-setup the charts

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    UK house prices soar again in Sept

    Extended GBP/USD @ 1.8860, Cease 1.8820, profit take 1.8930

    Outstanding limit positions:

    Outstanding open positions:
    Extended GBP/USD @ 1.8860, Cease 1.8820, profit take 1.8930

    Pip Profits todate: -495

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    Carefull with the 1.8820 stop. I know its not possible to go far. . .but its not that improbable.

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    Was off one hour and I have stopped just like that

    consistency in receiving it wrong

    Outstanding limitation positions:

    Outstanding open positions:

    Pip Gains todate: -535

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    A New beginning... hopefully

    I read up a Couple of systems over the weekend with MAs

    So Idea might want to Change the systems to see if it's better

    1 thing Is for Certain, it enters the market late and there are likely to be trade Signs

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    Had a wonderful session with Sterling overnight. . But won't account for the profits since I did not place it before the transaction. .

    I see an adequate installment on USD/CHF

    It's been flat for a couple hours now

    Daily and 4 hourly chart also suggest further Dollar reductions

    so that I'll be seeing for a rest of 1.2402 to go brief

    **Event risk: CHF CPI after **

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    All right, not investing Dollars as weak Dollar seem to be the theme currently

    short NZD/CAD @ 0.7342, cease 0.7402, profit take 0.7242

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    Pure stupidity

    got ceased the exact same night on short NZD/CAD

    I have to quit using emotions
    Outstanding limit rankings:

    Outstanding open positions:

    Pip Gains todate: -595

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    More desktop. .

    I understand my losses came out of a lack of discipline previously and also lack of a constant trading platform.

    CurrentlyI read the fundamentals and news releases to get into my trades.

    On technical analysis, I'm feeling my way across hence I'm not good in that with no proper guie. .

    So I expect to improve as I go along

    And because I consistently produce losing trades, perhaps you are able to enter the opposite positions...

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