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Thread: Testing Parabolic breakout

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    Since EURUSD will bounce back down after it hits the latest peak I shut EURUSD and USDCHF orders. I cashed in 323 pips over 4 orders.

    I left the USDJPY orders added a stop brief on today's minimum less spread.


    Realized P/L to june 27 = 367 pips
    Possible P/L = a different 176 pips

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    Prices have gone up and down since I last updated this diary. My 3 open orders have become loss and then in gain again.

    I am not shutting them yet, I would like to finally ride 2000-3000 pips at precisely the same PSAR movement..it might not occur, but I'll try. .


    Realized P/L to july 11 = 367 pips
    Potential P/L = another 83 pips

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    The last ones were a couple of days. The market has declared its movement in my direction for USDJPY and im over 500 pips in favorable.
    I started a new pending brief at yesterdays low. I expect some retracement but I wont close my orders for now.


    Realized P/L into july 15 = 367 pips
    Potential P/L = a different 557 pips

    edit..it was for july 15, not 16. .

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    Back up!!!

    I know this isnt a trading behaviour that one could have trading more than just pennies. . .but leaving all my losing positions open for two months paid in the long run. . .think it the way that you would like. .
    That is merely testing..so one can have some weird behaviours I suspect. .

    The profit I only shut is of 892 pips wich summed to the 367 already made sum around:


    Realized P/L to september 29 = 1259 pips

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    Today 2 orders were triggered. And the market is going my way (for now). .Yesterday I was over 500 pips under. Today I am in positive.
    Still I havent closed any open orders, or so the G/L is still only potential. I will put the real P/L as soon as I begin shutting any of my available orders.


    Potential G/L to will 20 = 165 pips

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