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Thread: Period Separation Indy for Renko charts?

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    Basically, if in chart properties I check Show period separators

    It is all messed up on Renko charts, since Renko is not

    based on the time frame... What is my idea? Ok, I would like to have

    Phase separation on the chart not predied on Bars but merely according to TIME

    I would like to have vertical lines maybe every 24 hours depending on time

    and nothing else. Every 00:00 GTM draw on vertical line on the chart.

    I understand you wish to ask why? Ok, if you place your renko bricks maybe to

    50 pips, then distance between 24 hour separation period lines

    will inform me, if this is just a range or new fad just started, based on

    different distance between those lines.

    And once I empower show period separators about the chart it doesn't working

    like supposed to for renko based charts.

    Any ideas/help?

    Thank you.

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    Utilizing 50 pip bricks, there might be more than 24 hours in a bar
    I use 10 pip bricks, so the period seperators work fine for me, theyl upgrade(move) when you get a new bar

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