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Thread: EA performing very differently

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    I am developing my first proper EA with order management.
    How is it, the EA is performing so differently on various currency pairs?
    E.g. on EURUSD, I will back test it for a year and also have profit factor of 1.34 and 70 percent of winning trades plus a maximal drawdown of 513 (within an account of 10k), hence earning a fantastic profit (of course there is a lot to alter and test, particularly the losing transactions)

    However on EURGBP it has a profit factor of 0.6, losing a lot of money.

    Do/should profitable EAs work equally well on all currencies or is my situation above normal?

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    Every pair has its own attributes. There's also question of disperse gap and the way its being handled.

    Since you state this is the first EA, possibly there are some logical errors that reflects certainly on pairs with wider spreads?

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    Thank You Zen_Leow. It seems they do have distinct characteristics.

    A follow up question: If you build an EA for a specific pair, how do you avoid the problem of merely adapting your EA and egy to perform as good as possible on the historic data? Isn't this over-optimisation about the wrong end,
    or is this just how people do it :
    - software initial egy that has been more or less recognized by guide trading
    - accommodate egy/order/money/risk management on historical/real market
    - profit!


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    For backtesting - utilize overall (not certain settings) - that usually means that the very best results in backtesting usually arent the ones to use. Test intervals. Is it true that the EA work in the last month last year or all? - Utilize backtesting as a configurations guide. It was simply curve fitted by you if you select the ideal outcome for every variable.

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