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Thread: Golden Levels: USD/CAD

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    This is thread is for submitting golden level chart setups for USD/CAD only.

    You can find out more about how to exchange the process:

    gt;gt; Before submitting charts: </b>

    Why trade out of golden S/R amounts?

    1. It's not necessary to predict. Predicting exactly what the market will do consistently over time is, time taking, stressful and unnecessary.
    2. Quicker compounding by trading from the ideal price amounts, using a high R:R (Risk:Reward ratio) and high win % rate.
    3. Predictable revenue stream by closing trades for a reasonable R (not too low, not too high) and not relying on trends.
    4. Less pressure: Considering that our trading is centered around finding price amounts to exchange out of, we wait patiently for the market to return to people, not the other way around.
    5. Less tracking the market: Because we specify price level to exchange from ahead of time, we could use limit orders and/or price alarms.

    What are golden levels?

    Golden amounts are S/R (support/resistance) levels that are more dependable and much better priced than many S/R levels. They're found inside price ranges and are defined by highs and lows on multiple time frames. For instance:

    Another recent instance in oil. Note how trading from the highs of the range would have resulted in a loss. Trading from amounts that exist in a range and are respected by price from the side are stronger and result in greater profit!

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    Golden level @ 1.3017 formed by the current cup. Despite being captured in a term range, short-term PA is bullish with some adequate momentum which would support any long position taken following a pull back into the degree.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Golden amount @ 1.3017 shaped by the current cup. Despite being caught in a longer term range, short-term PA is bullish with some upwards momentum which would encourage some long position taken after a pull back to the degree. Http:// gt;gt;
    Small loss on the lengthy entry. May have closed at 30 pips put held to get a larger move. Price turned marginally lower in 1.3000 hourly 200 MA before running 50 pips.



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    Yup, it was a nice movement up. Next time, Quinton

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    Price is in a range with a few short-term trending momentum. I do not find any large quality golden level that would cause price to prevent in its tracks if this momentum picked up in a significant way. From that to choose shorts on a 17, so if goals would be chosen by me. Among thickest price knots is helping to specify a deeply put golden level around 1.3019 - 1.3030. I would be comfortable taking a position at the Sunday open from a more conservative level through liquid instances when price has the transfer quickly.



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    Please could you do a movie with sound describing how to mine these golden levels.

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    Though price is in a range, medium-term price action is fluid enough to make the most of trades of medium term length.
    Around 1.3100 there are several conservatively placed scalping levels for small positions as price momentum wanes and price egies the early September range.
    Below are several degrees (1.2938 and 1.2900 area) to consider for longs if price turns bearish and approaches last week's alteration cup.


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    USD/CAD has been pushing upward. Here are several levels to think about for potential long positions on a price retracement against the primary trend. The amount at 1.3100 has diagonal and M15 200 confluence. The fact that the lower time frame comes into potential play indiors that that this is really a play and profit ought to be reserved. A more conservatively priced zone for a long exists at around 1.3050.


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