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    This method is for those who are trading Foreign Exchange because a part-time.
    It easy and only for few days (max two weeks trade)
    This way is a trend following momentum method.
    Max TP each pair is 100pip along with the SL is 100pip (1:1).

    The indior required.
    1. MACD (12, 26, 9)
    2. CCI (14)
    3. EMA 89
    Chart required are H4 and D1 each pair.

    How to exchange
    Basically there will be 4 entrance each pair. This 4 entrance will likely be in between 100 pip SL.
    1st entrance the sl will be 100 pip.
    2nd entry will be 25 pip below/upper out of 1st entry along with the sl will be 75 pip.
    3rd entry will be 50 pip below/upper out of 2nd entrance along with the sl will be 50 pip.
    4th entry will be 25 pip below/upper out of 3rd entrance along with the sl will be 25 pip.

    If most of entrance is hit, so maximum pip will be 400pip and if it hit sl in 100 pip, the complete lost is 250pip.

    Entry lot.
    Entry no 1 n two will be same lot. .
    Entry no 3 lot will be double from 1...
    Entry no4 will be tripple lot from entrance no 1...

    how to select an entry.
    Need to inspect 4H n D1;/pgt;lt;/pgt;
    1. In H4 chart, look for altering in tendency utilizing MACD- the bar begin to go over or below 0 line (two line begin to cross).
    2. Check on H4 with CCI, look for divergence signal.
    3. Next check with EMA 89 on chart, in which are the price. If preceding then need to buy if lower should sell.

    When all three criteria is match, then I will open a 1st entrance...

    Basically there will be 1 setup.
    Where all entrance criteria is fit.

    Exit exchange (pull out from trade).
    CCI will be used to determine weather the fad on H4 is going to reverse.Watch outside the kind of divergence on CCI. Normally I will pull out from trade if I see the divergence in CCI on H4;/pgt;

    p/s: im 100% trading utilizing mobile device...

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    I really do welcome should a person see the setup on the others pair and post it...

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    Example of entry that morning for EA n AU (AAA setup).

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    Instance of AAA setup.

    This morning trade for Au n EA 30 minutes b4 news...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Buy AC n Sell GA... image
    3 entrance for GA.. N 1 for AC. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote 3 entrance for GA.. N 1 for AC. . image

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    Thanks for sharing the egy.
    In regards to the rule:
    Next check with EMA 89, at which are the price. If preceding then should buy if lesser should sell.
    Does this require both h4 and d1 timeframes over ema 89 to long term?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you for sharing the egy. With regard to the rule: quot check with EMA 89, at which are the price. If preceding then should buy if lower should sell. Quot; does it need the two d1 and h4 timeframes above ema 89 to long ? Thanks!
    Thanks for asking... on H4 only. .

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