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    This is meant to be a trading journal to get a synergy of personal trading egies whose unique mix is proving tremendously profitable for me. I would like to maintain this journal clean and personal, for references that are easy.

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    Sell trade initiated on AUDCHF.

    1. Playing AUD weakness.
    2. Trend is DOWN on Daily TF. So commerce is taken in a context.
    3. Supply beginning to come in the market. Selling'High' .
    4. Emergency stop. 30pips.
    5. Target. 113pips clear demand zone.

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    Similar corresponding buy installments (trend transactions ) taken on EURAUD and EURJPY.

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    1. Had a losing day after quite a while. Made a few deadly rookie errors. But lesson learned.
    2. We're at the dangerous market scenarios when Daily Time Frame Trend appears to be tilting or changing.
    3. To be expected after such a long trend riding interval, but volatility still caught me by surprise.
    4. Have to scale down on my risk profile(just high on demonion though for testing purposes, but nevertheless...)

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    Following yesterdays moves, my longer term strength/weakness currency profile for the next couple of weeks or longer, looks like this...

    1. -GBP
    2. -CHF
    3. -EUR
    4. -NZD
    5. -USD
    6. -CAD
    7. -AUD
    8. -JPY

    (1 = most powerful; 8 = weakest).

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    Trading Strategy for next week Mon. 6th Jan - Fri. 10th Jan 2014.

    1. Entries to be created just after Asia session on Tues. 7th Jan begins.
    2. No transactions to be taken after Asia session on Fri. 10th Jan closes.
    3. Play GBP power against JPY weakness.
    4. Play GBP power against AUD weakness.
    5. Perform CHF power against JPY weakness.
    6. Perform CHF power against AUD weakness
    7. Take notice of different high effect / volatility news especially ADC NFC on Wed 8th, and NFP on Fri. 10th.

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    Just saw this somewhere and couldn't agree more. . .note to self...
    Earning money in trading is the easy part, but KEEPING it. . .the difficult part!
    As soon as you cross the point of keeping your profits (yanking it on constant basis) then you've crossed the line between what it actually means to be profitable vs. only making some profitable trades.

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    For today GBPJPY topping the record of greatest probability pairs to exchange this year based in my strength analysis and analysis.

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    GBPAUD Alongside the Record...

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