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    Im currently working on two or 3 I get a notion I add or eliminate that program until we have the finished article.

    Im working on an indior free program based only on price action..Im taking a look at the 15 min time frame and will be conducted by an EA that will hopefully be able to be researched.

    The reason I would prefer an ea for this as being indior liberated.... A test that is back should be accurate.

    Its all about patterns most market patterns are driven by traders Plogy . .

    The herd conduct most of us run lols. .any way the ingredients are in the bowl allows see what the cake turns out normal all of my stuff will be posted here

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    Looking forward to it .


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    The pattern is much like 123

    We are attempting to spot possible turning points

    We utilize 3 candles

    We ignore doji and dismiss the installation if it happens any where in the 3 candle pattern

    1- The very low candle before the top
    2- The candle
    3- The Confirmation candle

    We enter on the rest of the low of candle 3. . We set a lmt sell 1pip beneath candle 3's low.

    Our goal is the average true range of the 3 candle set up,and we have an ATR indior which can tell us that.

    The ATR of this 3 candle setup on the chart was 75 pips and its calculated as

    The gap between the high and low of candle 1 additional into the gap between the high and low of candle two additional to the gap between the high and low of candle 3... Divided by 3

    On the case we hit the goal at TP

    I will add more to this thread examples etc and the ATR indior. .

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    Following the verifiion candle, the number of bars will you wait until the break?
    Is there a limit?

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    as soon as you get candle 3 you have to input the next bar when it doesnt activate the whole set up is subsequently emptiness and we await the next.

    Here is a chart of EURUSD 4 hour 2 signs

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    why not simply use this method. It's comparable to what your trying to do. I know that it's not nude as what your trying to do. However, the way the three ma's are being used is ideal to keeps us out of sideways markets. Seems to be quite accurate. 15min looks great and the 5m is really interesting.

    And instead of constantly striving to go countertrend. It'll get you to continuations well.

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    I Will look Todd

    I Understand of Joe Ross and his 123 and trick entry its Great stuff

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    Well worth a look.

    It's not mine but it is of interest.



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