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Thread: Why I trade Forex? Hbu?

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    Is it for your cash? Perhaps, but you ought to think of the liberty trading Forex will provide. It has become the norm for people to accept the idea you have to exchange your time for money until you become of retirement age. It's also called a job. Time is your most valuable asset, as your time in this world is irreversible and working about 50 years (Ages 18-65) your lifetime will equate to about 10 years of your lifetime spent working (which does not include your own work commute BTW). What if instead of exchanging your time for money for the remainder of your life like the rest of society, you start focusing on learning to exchange your cash for more money? Why can it be so many select option A? It has to do with the truth that society instills this mindset on your brain for the first twenty or so years of your lifetime. You spend your early years going to college preparing to go to a university with all the hopes of studying the skillset needed to secure a future livelihood. Does society not wish to inspire you to understand the skills needed to make your money work for you from a young age? It comes down to the fact a that society needs it members to become contributing members in order for it to thrive, as a society will probably need physicians, policeman, generals, politicians, lawyers, engineers etc. to function at its finest. If everyone is learning to make money from their comforts of their house (thanks to the development/advancement of the Internet), who will step up to forfeit their time off from their family for the better of society? Deviating from the plan of attending a university to land a rewarding career is a risky undertaking that is inculed in us throughout our younger years. I am by no means putting down anyone that enjoys their job, as I am a firm believer that if you love your work, you won't ever need to work one day in your lifetime. But if you hate Mondays and hate waking up early to go to work and make someone else wealthy, you are trapped in a vicious cycle that I like to call modern-slavery.

    A aspiring medical student will accept the challenge of attending college for 8 years for an chance to perform a grueling job 14hrs a day, and of course most likely bearing an individual debt of six-figure value. The cover might be excellent, but is your sacrifices made along with the daunting hours the job needs of you worth it to you? If this is the case, I applaud you. Imagine accepting the challenge of learning to make your money work for you for those exact same 8 years trading the foreign exchange market. This is not a quick-rich scheme and will require strenuous efforts to become proficient in it, but just how a person attends medical college to be a doctor, an individual can loe a real mentor to accelerate the learning curve and also make those 8 years really count. Since this market is unforgiving and will make your time and efforts be in vain if you allow it to.

    With this new online era upon us, it has equalize the playing field. Entrepreneurship has now open to all members of society and you must make a choice: dollar each hour vs dollar each pip. You need to treat trading as a company, a very demanding one that is, but it does certain come with its own perks. No employees needed, no stock control, work when you need from the comfort of your house or a beach resort in the Philippines (as long as you have a Wi-Fi relationship and a notebook ), to name a few. Pay your earnings in the end of the calendar year exactly as with any other company would and you sir/maam have your own organization. It will grow to be the greatest challenge of your life but it boils down to how bad do you want it? Are you currently relentless and won't take no for an answer or are you giving up in the first indiion of battle? This is my vision and am actively pursuing it. Are you?

    Money cant buy happiness, I hear it all the time. However, heres a newsflash, neither may poverty. Money buys freedom, gives your family the best health care, the best food, the best shelter, the best cities to reside in (security ), so why wouldnt you're actively pursuing it? Like Robert G Allen once said, how many millionaires do you know who are very wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. We are living in a new phase of the Information Age, where it's literally possible to make money from the touch of your smart phone, it is up to you how wisely you spend time. After all, most of us get the exact same 24 hours in a day.

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    The lottery is a tax on people that are bad with math
    Trading is a tax on people that are poor with money
    No difference, actually...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Let us be fair, if the entire population or'society' chose to quit their jobs and trade, we wouldn't even have a market to exchange. 'Society' will fall, which explains the reason why we need these people who choose'Option A' to choose such option.
    I agreeI made it apparent society needs Option A, but there is enough individuals on the planet to satisfy the need. As far as it goes for me, I don't have any desire of chasing Option A. I will gladly let others take that lead.

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    In my estimation, there are two mindsets in the world, corporate and entrepreneur.

    A corporate mindset desires a continuous income with some safety in their labour. You agree to develop into a slave that is pseudo to help somebody else make cash.

    An entrepreneur mindset wants to control a service or product and is more focused on manufacturing than income.

    Robert Kiyosaki discusses your income choices in his book Money Flow Quadrant. Each individual makes their own choice that quadrant to reside in based on the socially designed environment they grew up in, and their hereditary ambition to accept or reject what their private society taught them. Most of us learn the same way, from copying other people, so once you reach an age where you realize your life is reflection of what your loved ones, friends, teachers, tv, video games, world events, religion, etc, have informed you how to be, then you must determine if you would like to be the person everyone made you, or your own person. You can change yourself by simply rejecting the previous consequences, or you can accept them and stay a programmed robot. It's your decision. The truth of life is you have the option of residing in any way, but it is all up to you to overwrite the wrong memories and make the right ones. You can float through life relying in your past to guide you, or you can make your own route and follow your own reality. I prefer to listen to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In my estimation, there are two mindsets in the world, corporate and entrepreneur. A corporate mindset needs a steady income with some security in their own labor. You agree to develop into a pseudo slave to help someone else make cash. An entrepreneur mindset desires to control a product or service and is more concentrated on production compared to income. Robert Kiyosaki discusses your income choices in his book Cash Flow Quadrant. Each individual makes their own choice which quadrant to live in based on the engineered environment they grew up , and their...
    Wow!!! Wonderful article!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Robert Kiyosaki = scam
    what's the URL to your book that describes how we're being scammed by the types of income discussed by Robert Kiyosaki, each business book, and each business school?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What's the link to a publiion that describes how we're being scammed with the kinds of income discussed by Robert Kiyosaki, each business book, and each business school?
    Something. .

    The so called passive income and residual income is the pipe dream of the total failure in life - or the completely misinformed - like the Foreign Exchange pipe dream - (but they still have cash to give to motivational gurus!)
    Yes, they ought to read a business book or put themselves during business school.

    Part 2 was not broadcast due to pending suits against Kyosaki and his type (pipe dream sellers) or the reporter was differently convinced not to last.
    Folks are stupid but that's no reason to twist them - so publicly... They ought to buy shoes for the kids instead of pay the stupid taxation to Kyosaki and many others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Robert Kiyosaki = scam
    Scam, but also a scum. Shameless liar who is selling worthless books and courses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What is the URL to a publiion which describes how we're being scammed with the kinds of earnings discussed by Robert Kiyosaki, every business book, and every business school?
    You can get a lot of competent authors who exposed Kiyosaki as a liar and fraudster. By Way of Example, John T. Reed:
    Guy is a West Point graduate and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He explained all the misconceptions and lies in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, qualifying a number of Kyiosaki's advice as illegal or dangerous.

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