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Thread: Currency Strength Meter - Improvement

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    hi all

    I've attached excel sheet for currency strength meter ( I found it before thru forums here ) done by tom.

    Anyway: if you checked the code ( strength 28 sheet ) you will discover that it does import data from MT4 ( MT4 must be functioning as you open this excel sheet ) and it elevates high / low price values on a daily basis.

    My petition what do we do to the excel sheet so we can import WEEKLY high / low price values rather than DAILY ones in the high / low cells?

    It will be awesome if we can create 3 sheets ( daily / weekly / monthly ) so we let the every excel sheet to import high / low price values auto?


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    I've got a previous version of this same spreadsheet. Another version plots Fibonacci levels.

    I am sure you are aware it is using DDE to collect the information in real time along with the always imported DDE information is Top, Ask, Bid and Low for 28 pairs. Because the imported data is always updated, the only method to do as you ask is a process / macro to write (say) Daily and Weekly information to a new worksheet or linked workbook and change the source information from DDE to use a search value.

    E.g. replacing the formula in cells comprising something like ='MT4'|HIGH!EURUSD into Lookup formula for High (along with the Low of each pair). I guess you would need to improvise on the best way to substitute the Bid and Ask worth to state Near price and Close price minus a spread value.

    I believe it would be great exercise.

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    Dear Newton51

    really am not profesional in coding.

    Yes you are right: from my basic thoughts, there shall be a intermediate sheet to accumulate weekly / monthly of high / low values of the 28 pairs and also to accumulate bid/ask price for several of the 28 pairs too and do exactly the very same calculations to find the last amounts of all currencies as strength / weakness.

    I will appreciate your useful.


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    I attempted and failed to compose DDE data at intervals of time. That's why I was so familiar with this. It would be quite straight forward using an indior to create and replie a spreadsheet with daily data though. It might try .

    If there are any Excel specialists here that know how to compose the required data every x minutes that would be great also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I attempted and failed to write DDE information at periods of time. That is the reason why I was so knowledgeable about this. It would be rather straight forward with an indior to create and populate a spreadsheet with daily information though. I might try it on the weekend.

    If there are any Excel specialists here that know how to write the required information every x minutes that could be excellent too.

    Thanx newton

    but isn't thier a way to import weekly information high low rather daily?

    Okay: if it's tricky to do it in excel: can't we create the same glow sheet code to MQ4 as an MT4 indior? I believe this is easy where we can have an option to select high / low price worth as daily / weekly / monthly interval?

    Can you guys think about it and make the right matrix consisting of all 28 pairs along with codt mq4 indior?


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    DDE is raw data. As it is, accept it. The alternative is lots of coding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    can't we create the same excel sheet code into MQ4 as an MT4 indior?
    There for MetaTrader 4. Script xMeter.mq4

    I've programmed for MetaTrader 5.

    Calculation of this High-Low range:
    Current daily pub (default option );
    Last 8 hours;
    Last 12 hour;
    Last 24 hours.

    I could but weekly/monthly Add?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There for MetaTrader 4. Script xMeter.mq4

    I have programmed for MetaTrader 5.

    Calculation of the High-Low range:
    Current daily pub (default);
    Last 8 hours;
    Last 12 hour;
    Last 24 hours.

    I could however weekly/monthly Add?
    Thanx so much Finger;

    but to let me get the whole picture?
    1- on your indior for MQ5: Have u code it based on the exact equations and thoughts from the excel sheet I'v connected where we measure the bid ratio as a % of overall high/low of that interval blending each currency pairs ( 28 pairs minimal )?

    Two - If so: as I know that you have the High-Low range for current daily bar 8 hr 12 hr 24 hr alternatives, right?
    If so: may you add another 2 alternatives to your High-Low range for current Weekly pub current Monthly pub?

    It'll be fine if in MQ5 however prefered in MQ4.

    Thanx FinGer.


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    Hi finger

    I've assessed xMeter in MQ4: it doesn't give same worth when u join it to chart because those given by the excel sheet.

    I have also tried your MQ5 indior: but it doesn't work!! I really don't understand what could I do or why?

    Please check article 9 with this particular post, and lets do it.


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    I am attempting to program only your Currency Stength (28).xlsx as an indior for MT4.
    Once I finished I will post it .

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