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Thread: Amazing revalation...I think.

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    This log will be to help keep me honest....

    That is in no way a trade recommendation. I don't advise anyone take this trade with real cash.

    EUR/USD: Not sure it's going get this high, but if it's:
    - Sell in 1.2947
    - Cease at 1.2957

    Once the market moves about 20 pips, proceed stop to break-even. Expected profit ~ 400 pips, two to four weeks.

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    Next long-term goal is 1.2526ish. I will firm up the goal as more time passes. I'm expecting that low sometime around the end of September / beginning October.

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    Okay, my calculations create 1.2525, double, and 1.2526 once. I think 25 is your greater entrance.

    Today the summertime slump is ending, this bottom could come in before the end of the month. Mkt. May drop and then channel between 2650 and 2550 for a week or two so, so I will watch this very carefully and update as req'd.

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    Alright ladies and gentlemen. . .the time has finally arrived (I presume ). I feel the eur/usd will hit 1.2526 that is where I will buy.

    I'm not overly worried about the amount of time it's taken. I feel it's going to be a fantastic trade. However, as nobody knows what the market will do, I will proceed to stop to b/e after I'm up around 20 pips roughly. . .should occur either today or next week.

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    Alright.. .well, I am sure the hundreds of thousands of folks reading this are shocked and amazed!!!

    I bought at 526 and have moved my stop. . .couldn't hold out for 545 - nervous. As of this moment, I will think about this a victory, even if the market reverses and kicks me out at break-even.

    Should I be stopped out, I will move to Plan B and determine where to re-enter for a buy. As of right now, I really don't have another anticipated downside target. I want more information - but I hope I do not get it!!!

    If you're wondering...I think I do have a upside target. Initial information is suggesting 2740 - 2760. Of course, over time that I will tighten up this and find a more precise figure. Another chance is (now stay w/ me...) 3020 -3050. As of yet, I don't have time this will happen, but it should take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Again, more exact as time proceeds and more information is accumulated.

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    Well, on to Plan B. Entered the market 1 pip over low, moved in my path roughly 20 pips, moved ceased to b/e, got kicked out.

    I am not sure why the market didn't flip around here (although I suspect I know). The next potential turning point should happen sometime within 1 or 2 weeks (I think it will happen sooner than later).

    I will update this as more date becomes available through the end of the month.

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    Still expecting 1.2450 from 10/27/06.

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    nice. . I bought 5 lots in 12488...

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    Are you feeling about today? Good call there, seems like you're sitting about 300 appropriate now. My system was calling sell last week also and it seems like we will have yet another day Monday.

    Good luck, I hope we're both right!

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