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Thread: Mr. Trends PA Thread

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    I thought I'd start up another journal. Don't expect anything enlightening. Just good ole' PA as among my ways to exchange... currency and stocks.

    I will try to post screenshots before hand with TPs and SLs... that's really more for me than anything...

    For starters, I'm eyeing both of these setups... GBPUSD and GBPJPY

    GBPUSD - Weekly PB
    Economy Limit @ 2.0980 SL 2.1160 TP 2.0650

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    Just how far will the EUR drop? My ideas are 1.4400... At least that's where I will be looking to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    T I love you bro
    Yeah... sigh... I love you too man...

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    One other thing I needed to point out. When you visit my screenshots, you may ask yourself, Now why doesn't he get into precisely where he put his small X? , or is it not accurate?

    The answer is that I generally look in the region of the X, OR, in the case of limit orders (which most of mine are), I like round numbers.

    All the things you heard Jacko say have been around for quite a while, folks. It's not rocket science. I have been using round numbers for a long time, and I am tellin' ya, what Jacko states is golden.

    Utilize them. It works. That's why if I have confluence of Fibs, SR, AND I also get 00's... man, that is a warm and fuzzy feeling right there...

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    Another transaction I would enter this week. It is dependent upon whether or not scale in on my futures contracts (GBP and GBPJPY)

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    Limit orders put as follows:

    Limit Sell @ 2.0900 SL 2.1160 TP 2.0640 (this can be a difference play. I might take heat up to my first projection of 2.0980, but that does not bother me. Typically, when you get openings, you can play the difference and sell/buy and price will go your way... sometimes it will not work.)
    Limit Sell @ 2.0775 SL 2.1160 TP 2.0640 (scale-in or initial trade determined by if the first Limit hits)

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    Exited Standing from Friday:

    Economy Limit @ 2.0872 Exit 2.0787 85 Infection

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    You may see I will play hooks very very aggressively. Both from a commerce setup perspective, and by a MM point of view as well. I really don't recommend this if you're new.

    Cash in trading is made from getting from the market with the most risk you can accept at the ideal times. For me personally, if I visit that a pinbar on a weekly or daily, I will enter at around 2-3percent risk, then double that at another trade arrangement.

    By way of instance, this week I am looking at getting in on the difference play, then scale-in on the break of the snare.

    At the point, assuming it strikes both limits, I will be at around 6-8percent risk. But this is accepted by me. And that's what is critical.

    All other commerce setups are 3 percent per transaction.

    This week will be all about playing with this cable trade appropriately. If I get only one transaction this week, I still want it to be in cable.

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    For me, I visit GBPUSD and for that matter, all US pairs, gaining a lot of strength with all the momentum from Friday. I am now starting to wonder if we will even see a pullback. There has been no pullback into openings, so this typically means it's likely to run hard.

    My 0772 limit did activate. So I am currently short. I'll be looking to scale in at a break of 0750 (visit jpeg), or a pullback to 2.0890 (resistance)...

    I've also re-evaluated my profit goal to 2.0630 in a trendline bounce on 4H...

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