After doing further analysis, this item would work really nicely if I convert it to a fashion trader, and use the Stoch indior with it

Therefore, if it's in the StdDev amounts, along with the stoch indies a buy or sell in its levels, then it buys or sells at each lineup hit.... Once out of the StdDev amounts, it closes at a cross.... Therefore I am looking at this to the EurUsd chart for quite a while, and the losses are minimal, however, the profits are nice trades since the farther the StdDev are outside, the bigger the lot size factor so that it increases greater.... Is also resembles a scalper for this technique also... does not open up trades irrespective of stoch until it's in the StdDev ranges, and does not close according to Stoch until between MA and StdDev ranges or if it strikes the MA line first

Because of this, I can use a normal money manager because draw will not be much at all and will not require a market scanner... can have it moving with numerous currencies... thus, also keep diversified... this ought to be simpler to code today and seems like it will work much better