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    This thread is a place to share and support my different dashboard PINS along with other trading tools.
    My tools are non-commercial and free to use on demo and live accounts - but use them live at your own risk!

    Please: No commercial activity or spamming.

    Note: You can also download in the https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgXKvtIulj5KgcEAEr50Duu0HodQnw

    Dashboard EAX PINS
    These are sign PINs to get Dashboard EAX by aeseme.
    Before attempting to use these PINS please see the Dashboard EAX thread and make sure you have the dashboard properly installed and functioning.

    Trailing Stop PIN
    Person pair trailing with multiple trailing modes.
    Trailing Stop Visualizer
    Shows the Trailing Stop PIN tracking amounts on the currency chart
    Straightforward ADX Entry PIN with crossing and trending manners.
    10 BAR
    Entrance PIN for Zondervan's 10 Bar London Open egy
    Straightforward Daily Trend Reversal
    Entrance PIN to get mrdfx's Simple Daily Trend Reversal Strategy
    TDI MultiTimeFrame
    Traders Dynamic Index with separate signal manners on 6 timeframes.
    Mega MultiTimeFrame
    MegaFXProfit Indior adapted for EAX with 6 timeframes.
    PIN Multiplexer
    For those who need more than the 6 EAX PINs. This PIN combines inputs from other PINs onto one output channel.
    Support and Resistance PIN
    Support and Resistance PIN using Fibonacci Levels.
    Companion indior for above (not required, but useful for visualizing the amounts and zones)
    ================================================== =

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    @ Post 597, and Post 598 ... any updates on fixing the bugs? Thank you
    #597. Your results can not replie. Please can you also post the charts showing the FiboZones amounts for an example pair.

    #589. The signal appears correct to me : the price has touched on the zone and it's currently over the support line so that this is a buy. Someone asked to bring an option to switch off the signal once the price is inside the zone lines. It is a fantastic idea but I have not implemented it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hmm, I have not seen this error. Some things to double check: Make sure all the items in the EA zip file are copied to the proper MQL4 folder (e.g. MQL4 gt; Indiors gt; News) The correct 28 pairs are all observable in the Market View window The ForceLoadHistoricalData script has been conducted AFTER verifying the 28 pairs are all observable. Attach the EA into a new, blank chart and make certain Permit DLL imports is checked (Expert Advisors gt; Properties gt; Common) nable DLL imports is checked (Expert Advisors gt; Properties gt; Common)
    Thank you for helping out.

    I uninstalled, reinstalled everything but the error stuff persisted. I needed to shed my dividers 10 and try my windows 7.

    To my greatest surprise, my vps is currently running great, which signifies the culprit here's my windows 10 computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks to jagzuk n Lazar83 Another mix hooks to check next week... H4 FPS bands Mega Lever 0.5/-0.5 TP in fibo 161.8 picture
    Awesome tools that u have utilized,if enjoyment can u share those tools it willbe very gratefull for all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please don't be offended by this article, I only want to protect you from lost time. Is it that you crush on a developer who has the wonderful idea to help your subject. He has got crap, he is tired of stupid ideas about hooks which are Picasso or Michelangelo. Yes, how will it help you in a fashion, but in a flat market? Look at the topics of recognized individuals. Read attentively their ideas, not in the pages, but from the first page to the past. Are you currently looking from a person that has no idea about your idea of gain that is temporary? In case...
    davit utilizing angelator is PA method u also using bqr #305; believe u recieve some sign recently why dont u use one PA method ? Its my opinion

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    JagzFX_EAX_SnR_v1_04Added new settings SRxx. You can now enable/disable individual Fibo Degrees, and choose if they act as Support Resistance or Correct to Pivot (previously called Reversal). In the Correct to Pivot mode, Support zones will merely give Buy signs, and Resistance zones will merely provide Sell signals. In Support Resistance mode, a pub touching a zone but closing above the Fibo line will give a Buy signal, and a pub touching a zone but closing beneath the Fibo line will give a Sell signal. Added new setting Pick pairs to exchange. You can now choose between: Default list of 28 pairs, Own pairs, or Attach for this chart only. In this last mode, the PIN will only track the pair to your chart it's put on. By way of example, you can start separate charts for EURUSD, USDJPY, etc. put the PIN on each of the charts (using exactly the identical PIN#) along with the adjust the other settings - such as the Zone distance - separately. Download from Post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote as u see jagz piv point functions better than davit piv stage wht u want any more
    As jagzuk has stated Post 414 the Pivots are calculated to get GMT 2 so if anybody has a different Broker candle and I'd imagine FX traders are spread all around the world then the pivots will be different.
    As we're basing monetary decisions on those Pivots afterward for the advantage of all we will need to attempt and make these as universal as possible or am I incorrect?
    Happy to confess that I am wrong just need you to give proof that I am
    back to focus on the thread and positive outcomes ... thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Chart, , Jagz Broker time Thanks ... picture
    as u see jagz piv point works better than davit piv point wht u want any more

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Chart, , Jagz Broker time Thanks ... image
    perfect here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The pivots are calculated about the broker candle. As soon as I place both indiors in my charts, with defaults that they lineup. If you are not a GMT 2 broker, then the candles will probably be different and it'll influence the levels. Can you post a screenshot showing your preferences for 's Pivots and the clock (together with the local and broker time) in the top of your EAX chart.
    Chart, , Jagz Broker time all below
    Thanks ...

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