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Thread: How I became consistently profitable in the Forex market

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    Hello everyone,

    I earn on average between 500 to 1500 pips each week in the forex market, and I am here to put up the very complete price action trading course for free.

    The rules of this thread are quite simple, and that I shall put anyone who violate these rules in the ignore list:

    1. Don't ask me to establish my profitability, I am not going to join my live account here only to prove to strangers what I can do. I have completed live calls for a month on my telegram channel (, that's as much evidence as I'm prepared to show, so don't bother asking for much more. I really don't care if you think it or not, its irrelevant to the goal of this thread articles about this subject will set you.

    2. All connections between traders here must be respectful and considerate. We are all adults and must act as such

    3. Please do not use improper or abusive language

    4. Bullying of other traders, name calling and rudeness won't be tolerated

    5. I will use this thread for a pathway to split the content I am creating myself with you men, at no cost. I really don't have some kind of signal service or a product to sell you. So please don't ask about either subject.

    Your input is valued as long as it's related to the instructional content, I am not here to feed the trolls or waste my time on them. I am just putting information out for free so they can be used by maybe the novices.

    As a fantastic man once said: 'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I learn.
    Here's a movie where I explain some truths about the forex market and also the kind of eduors you see, and what I am considering doing and the way I'm gonna help you become profitable, and also you are able to subscribe to this thread and follow the upcoming eduional videos.

    that is the link to my youtube channel, you can subscribe to the channel so you get notified whenever I upload a new movie.

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    I'm currently putting together the price action course ever!
    Which I will upload to youtube and put here for free as well.

    I'm planning on covering what many teachers charge tens of thousands of dollars to teach you.
    Here is the list of those topics I will cover:
    01. What is price action?
    02. The machine I use for trading price action
    03. Progr and Bots in the market and their behavior
    04. The plogy of trading successfully
    05. Market's cycle
    06. Buying and selling stress
    07. Setups and indie bars (how to read candle sticks economically)
    08. Channels micro channels
    09. Trading ranges
    10. Breakouts (how to exchange breakouts successfully)
    11. Trend types
    12. Trading reversals successfully
    13. Trading patterns successfully
    14. Risk and cash management
    14. How to place trades properly
    15. multiple time frame analysis
    16. correlations
    17. Trade management (how to climb and out of places)
    18. How to minimize losses on losing trades
    19. free-risk trading
    20. scalping
    21. extreme scalping
    22. Swing trading
    23. Absolute best deals and complete worst trades

    some of the egories might later get divided into smaller portions to make the informative course more detailed.

    I also plan on doing a course on fundamental analysis and teach the basis of this and how you can apply it to your trades efficiently.

    Please remain patient as I'm putting them here for you one by one, as English is my second language and it takes me more time than it would take a native speaker to document each of these subjects.

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    What I learned in your eduional video:
    How to make money on Youtube by bringing readers to your Youtube channel, and then trying to sell stuff or earning money from advertisers!

    I discovered a step-by-step guide that might be helpful to you! :
    Get your channel ready to make: Step 1: Empower your channel for monetization. Step 2: Connect your YouTube channel into a AdSense account in order to bring in money and get compensated to your monetized videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Everything I learned from the eduional video: How to make money on Youtube by bringing subscribers to your Youtube station, and then attempting to sell stuff or earning money from advertisers! I found! : Get your station Step 1: Enable your channel. Step 2: Connect yourYouTube station to a AdSense account in order to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos. Https://
    I am not selling anything and I don't intend on selling anything. I am not here to feed the trolls, as I stated above. I am putting up helpful eduion for beginners. It's possible to use them to find out something or you can ignore them.
    That's all I must say on this subject.

    And by the way, if you are as profitable as me more, please do what I've done. Trade endure for a month and then show us all if you can do it as well. And then we can speak.

    If you can not do so, then see and find out. or crawl back under your bridge.

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    I am not a profitable trader, and can't make 1500 pips each week on a chart.
    Please show me the way to do it!
    And, please post your Trade Explorer so we can see your trade history and understand how you can do it!
    I'm crawling back under my bridge now.

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    Waiting all to be shared with us let get edugated looking thanks forward

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    what's ur telegram station
    this is my station:

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    Please count me I am a price action trader utilizing the day, 1 hour and 15 for prevent loss. My consistency isn't consistent so I look forward to your input signal.

    Thank you

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    The video of my series Price Action trading is now on youtube.

    I'm going to add two more movies in the next two days, and also, add another movie of my weekly analysis of the market (for this week it will most likely be that the major pairs, except for upcoming week I will also accept suggestions of different pairs also)

    Happy trading.

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