Martingale EA. Almost cant lose!
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Thread: Martingale EA. Almost cant lose!

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    I am certain this system is floating about in here somewhere. I can't appear to loe it. With all you genius programmers out there I am sure someone has done it knows the way to get it done.

    This system is very simple. It uses a martigale design egy by incrementally increasing lot sizes. It may be entrance or indior initiated.
    A long/short place is entered and when the market goes against your position you enter a position another direction with double the former lot entry.
    When the market subsequently turns against you again, you do the identical thing, enter a position another direction double the last lot size increment.

    I guessed a standard 10 TP and 10 SL would function well considering your doubling lot dimensions. According to my math with settings. You can go 11 trades into a development, using a $1000 account beginning at .1 lot size before you get a margin call
    You can go 15 trades into a development, using a $1000 account beginning at .01 lot size before you buy a margin call.
    Odds are you will not range within 10 pips for 11-15 trade reversals.

    As long as you continue entering trades on the market management(and have enough cash) you can't lose. I'd like an EA constructed to perform this. I am sure someones likely already thought about it and/or assembled it.

    Any thoughts or comments feel free. I believe that's the very best thing about open source communiion. Someone will think about something that you didn't. !

    Jar ,

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    It always look good in theory...
    You forgot to add the spread!

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    What if you loose more than 10 transactions:
    1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,etc.. .

    What brooker will take 2048 lots in order?
    Up to 128 is not to bad, after it get complex...

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    In the example above yes. I had been hoping to code in the app where the spread is included in the gap. So if you're trading USDGBP. You figure that the disperse(my broker is 4). So that the TP will be 20 and the SP 10 on every trade. However, you initialize the position 4 pips off. So if your buys were on 1.8110, your sells will be on 1.8104. I'm still calculating but I think it would work!!

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    Start out you progression at .1 lots. That would allow you a bit more head room.

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    Look at this,
    The matter is, even if you never loose its okay, but if you do, the amount you loose double each moment, and with just 0.01 (1cents) lots size you get pretty big amount, in short period of time...

    In 15 commerce you receive 1966$ in loosing trade, by simply using 1cents lots size...
    since you must add you loosing commerce together...

    Ps.: Maybe I made a mistake but I dont think so...

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    So it'd be better to stop after 10 transactions and begin again.
    After 10 you cease, ''61. If you loose 10 then you dropped ~122$ not $ 1000$

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    That means you would need 2 times a serie of 10 wins , for each serie 10 dropped (Ratio 2:1)
    I use a serie of 10 but you can reduce that for exemple....

    So in faq it signify the 10/20 you use for your SL/TP...

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    So again, if we push farther:
    You look at a currency, and you also take the daily average! Allows 80pip to get EURUSD.

    So in theory, it should not do over 80 pip per day...
    If you use 10/20 then 80/10 lets say 9 it wouldn't do more than 9 lost of 10 pips!!!!!

    Everyday you get retracement of a minimum of 10 pips... So in theory it ought to give 10 pips winners minimum a day...

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    However, the matter is, it apply if go one way? You alwasy sell or always buy...
    Should you alter you direction then you can do a lot more than 9 time...

    Should you add everytime(Buy when EUR is brief) then you will at some point have a retracement... However, if you turn each time you lost... You can do this for a long period of time without wins...

    I dont understand if you fallow me with this... ;-)

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