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Thread: Assorted Indiors/Scripts

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    Zznbrm - thanks for volunteering these very much. Notably the ClearComment and VerticalLineTimeOfDay2 are exactly what I have been on the lookout for for quite some time. Thank you!

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    In post #1 of the thread I provided a sample tick file for GBPUSD, a background, and the script I use for backtesting the various variants of the MPAS egy.

    MPAS simulator instructions
    - Save the tick file GBPUSD-2010.11.07. Dat to a MT4 experts/files folder. The tick file is a binary file, therefore viewing is futile. Tick timestamps have been converted to US ET.

    - Save GBPUSD28.hst to the appropriate subfolder of your background.

    - Save DLTesterExt.ex4 to your experts/scripts folder.

    - Start MT4

    - Open the GBPUSD,M28 offline chart.

    - Drag DLTesterExt script to the GBPUSD,M28 offline chart

    - User Inputs:

    estrStrategy : dl for , zam for zamanib, crod for crodzilla
    estrFolder : render this alone
    estrSymbol : leave as GBPUSD
    edtStartDate : render this alone
    edtEndDate : render this alone
    eblnVisualMode : leave this as true for now, it is going to teach the simulator to use visual style
    eblnContinuous Mode : render this alone
    edblBarSizePips : leave this alone for now
    eintTimeframe : render this as 28 for now. This is going to be the offline chart you're going to use

    The script will start. A tag object will be created by it near the top of the chart called SimulatorSleep. Set the description of the tag to the amount of milliseconds to sleep between ticks. For now, just leave it alone. The default option is 0 - the script will utilize sleep amounts based on the circumstance. Set to a value lt; 0 to pause implementation.

    You will see the script executing. Trades will be listed from the terminal and will be stored to experts/files/DLTester-Summary. Csv

    We will get into more complex testing after we get this basic simulation working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am asking for is just a little courtesy on my own thread.
    I?m agree with you zznbrm, but dont?t worry about those individuals, your thread are really good, continue your job !
    Would you please expand a little bit of info regarding your usefull and fascinating range bars script ?
    Thanks Beforehand and Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    New addition on 5/15/2011:

    I have had some requests for offline chart generators. A couple of months ago I created a universal pub generator for my live system. It allows you to choose from 5 distinct types of bars and will create up to 3 charts at one time. I have made some alterations to it for public use. So, I am attaching this adapted EA. . .some might find it useful.

    It'll create up to 3 different offline charts at one time. Available chart types are:
    Range Bar Strict - Creates constant range bars, per common rules
    Range Bar ZZ - Creates range bars...
    Thank you zznbrm very much with this fantastic EA you mentioned historical tick data, is there any way to use historical tick data that I must make grid bars using this EA? Or perhaps you know some way to make grid bars out of historical MT4 data (accuracy is not very critical for me)? I would appreciate your help

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    hello zznbrm

    I will donate whenever I think I have a stone ...

    attaching a visual order editor out of luktom, a specialist by which you can move SL, BE TP through horizontal lines as manually altering numbers is a hassle I hope everybody finds value in it


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    Hello zznbrm,
    I have modified the Tma true indior to allow the user to use large, low, close, open, median, etc alterations to the screen.

    It appears to work as intended. Thank you for being willing to share... hopefully, this will be helpful for someone.


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    Hi Folks,

    I wonder where could one find good indiors and scripts for MetaTrader, or more exactly, what would be the web sites where one can find lots of excellent scripts arranged in classes, where the website also offer a fantastic search engine to find scripts -- hunt in names of the scripts, in egory titles, at the comments or posts... i.e. websites where there are lots of scripts, and there's a great chance that the user will find what he is searching for , not just by chance.

    What exactly are your recommendations; what and how to utilize, where and how to hunt?
    (Just to be clear: I'm not searching for a specific script right now. However, by way of instance, if I would hunt for a script/EA that manages my trades, make position sizing alterations etc., what measures should I make to find some great stuff in which I could choose?)


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    thanks for your indies and scripts...
    they have come easy
    keep -um coming

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    An alternate version of the Separate Window Heiken i. This version has an choice to display the cross price. The cross price is the price where the Heiken i will alter colour.

    In the example below, the arrow (1.34933) designates the price of the current pub that will cause the Heiken i to change from Green (upward) to Red (Down).

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    @zznbrm - Would you please direct me into the MQ4 widget that uses continuous Range Bars (according to x pips) rather than the regular time based bars. Your help is much appreciated.

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