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Thread: Assorted Indiors/Scripts

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    These indiors will exhibit a vertical line at a particular time. These time-based indiors automatically handle Daylight Saving Time and broker conversions. Supported brokers are:

    Alpari (UK), Alpari (US), Avail Trading Corp, BroCo, Citi FX, Dukascopy,
    EuroOrient, FX Solutions, FXCM, FXDD, FXOpen, GAIN Capital, Go Markets, Interbank FX, MB Trading, Peregrine Financial Group, Varengold, MF Global FX, CFH Markets

    Shows a vertical line at the start of each day. There is A day supposed to start at 17:00 New York Time.

    Shows a vertical line at the start of each week. A week is supposed to start at 17:00 New York Time.

    Shows a vertical line at the start of Every Month.

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    This indior will display a vertical line at a particular time. Supported brokers are the same as formerly mentioned.

    For this one, you specify the time of day along with also the Currency Time Zone. Valid Currency Time Zones are recorded in the inputs section. Again, the indior will deal with all Daylight Saving Time and Broker Time Zone conversions.

    If you wish to draw a vertical line daily when the time is 08:00 at London, you'd place

    estrTime = 08:00
    estrCcyTZ = GBP

    if you would like to draw a vertical line daily when the time is 12:00 at New York, you'd place

    estrTime = 12:00
    estrCcyTZ = USD

    if you would like to draw a vertical line daily when the time is 10:00 at Tokyo, you'd place

    estrTime = 10:00
    estrCcyTZ = JPY

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    This is the simplest of all scripts. I find it rather annoying once you remove an indior, EA, or script out of a chart and the Comment line is still populated. The programmer didn't clear the Comment line at the deinit() function. This script will clear the comment for you. Again, very easy (literally just 1 line of code) but a quick way to clear the comment.

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    This indior sets two ATRs in 1 indior window. You do so to handle scaling properly.

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    I run this script every new time that I open MT4. It makes sure that I always have information for many pairs. It may be inserted to any chart and will run against M1 data.

    That is a script that creates range bars (well, my variant of range pubs). It loops through all pairs your broker supplies (of the 28 non-exotic pairs) and creates/updates the range bar interval for every pair.

    I use this script in my own trading. I use than what I am providing here a version to be honest. This script has created a huge difference in my profitability. You may choose to conduct this in live manner background manner, or both.

    Make sure your M1 charts are up-to-date!

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    Use this script to scroll multiple charts to some certain time.

    Step 1 - Add the script into a chart and place eblnMaster to authentic. This is your chart. The script will produce a Vertical Line called VL-ScrollToDate.

    Step 2 - Add the script to some secondary charts you want to automatically scroll to the date of the master chart. Set eblnMaster to false each one of these charts.

    Measure 3 - Move the Vertical Line VL-ScrollToDate on the Master chart and secondary charts are going to have Vertical Line placed on the exact same date and will scroll to that date.

    The scrolling may be flakey at times, but for the most part it functions. This script is extremely useful when reviewing history, especially with basket trades.

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    For you RSI fans:

    Used for live trading, this will demone the price required to hit on the user-defined RSI values. The indior calculates the price required to be reached for the RSI value to reach the levels.

    Same idea as above, but this one displays at a visually different manner. This one allows you to easily show the RSI-cross prices for multiple timeframes.

    This one reveals the history for its RSI-cross prices. This one is a small intensive, thus the limit should be processed.

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