Double RSI Flashpoint simple system
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Thread: Double RSI Flashpoint simple system

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    Simple Flashpoint platform

    Easy Trading system constructed for TF, 5M,15M But may operate on 30M,1H,4H,D1 TF.
    EUR/USD works nicely but should work with other pairs.

    WARNING----------------------! ONLY DEMO TRADE THIS SYSTEM ! --------------------WARNING
    This program is still under very early testing stages and all responsibility for use is solely with the user and this can be known until you download or implement some sections of theory of this system.
    If anyone wants to try it out on a DEMO account and tweak it, it may do the job reasonably well.

    Double EMA
    (RED= 5, -2, simple. Open)
    (BLUE= 5, 0, simple, shut )

    Double RSI
    (RED RSI Stage =36)
    (GREEN RSI Period =8)


    LONG ENTRY SL 5 pips below entry stage
    1 BLUE EMA crosses RED and tendencies upwards.
    Two RED RSI Must be above beige line, GREEN RSI should break RED RSI trend upwards.
    3 STOCHASTIC Indior has to be showing GREEN above RED and should have crossed the 20 mark (Do NOT take some long trades while the RED RSI line is below the ORANGE dotted line at stage 40)

    Exits are best if BLUE EMA line flattens out and moves towards RED EMA, or you'll be able to use the Stochastic indior to depart a lengthy trade at the SHORT 80 mark or the 20 mark for brief trades.

    SHORT ENTRY SL 5 pips above entry point
    1 RED EMA crosses BLUE and tendencies down.
    Two GREEN RSI must penetrate RED
    3 RED Stochastic needs to be above green.

    EXIT. REVERSE of LONG EXIT. Other exits are possible and you should keep an eye out for the rebound of their green RSI off the 80 20 lines.

    Image is 15m TF USD/JPY

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    Rasta. This seems profitable to me. I'm gonna' demonion it. For scalping good.

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