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Thread: Broker with best positive rollover?

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    I utilize FxPro, but I see they've changed their rollover rates and they have negative rollover on both sides in currency pairs.

    Which brokers offer very good rollover rates for us traders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I utilize FxPro, but today I see they've shifted their vacancy rates and now they've negative rollover on both sides in several currency pairs.

    Which brokers offer you very good rollover rates for us traders?
    What would be the currency pairs you are looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    eur/usd, aud/usd, usd/jpy
    I use my main broker Oanda for longer term, lower leverage, interest positive trades. Their interest is here:

    (Establish the 'type' to exchange, place your 'components' into 100k, and place the 'hours stored' to 24... this will give you an idea of the interest paid or earned in a day's time)

    Remember however, they don't do rollovers/swaps, you cover or earn interest calculated on how many seconds you have the place on. . If you're holding immediately, they pay/charge at ~5pm EST for that day's attention.)

    I have not shopped around for better interest rates lately... though this thread reminded me I must have a peek.


    A second broker I use actively (but I never grip for swaps since I just scalp around with them) is Pepperstone

    Pepper thread:

    As of this posting today, the swap rates in points (10 points into some pip) are followed:
    (Remember, these rates change all the time. . You gotta look up them within MT4's symbol properties to observe the current rate, so if you're considering this post a week from now the rates might be slightly different.)

    -0.5 extended
    0.3 short

    6.2 extended
    -13.3 short

    0 extended
    -0.3 short

    These are not as fantastic as Oanda's interest rates... but they don't gouge you either (such as the OP's double negative rates he was mentioning.)

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    I believe OANDA and FXCM are a couple of the very best and most dependable.

    Others like Fxpro are great but with all the prior two you get the interest in your account balance whilst with the latter and others you get it put against the ongoing trade.

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