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Thread: What is lowest spread on GBP/USD out there?

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    I am looking to change brokers. I currently have 3 disperse on the GBP/USD. I'm interested in hearing from everyone, to see which broker is providing the best bargain on the GBP/USD now.

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    The problem with MBT is the commission together with cable. At this time its a little more than $10 each side, $20 each roundturn (for a full lot). With a market spread of 1-2 pips thats effectivly 3-4 pips before you are in profit. So not much improvement on his 3 pips he's now. Eur/Usd and Usd/Jpy are more aggressive at mbt (commission-wise), but cable not actually in my own opinion.

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    Thanks to the members which have been studying my post, I have found another potential broker. I am able to get 2 pip spread on the cable without any other commissions. This can be with ODL. Anyone know anyone lower

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    Just ones lower I know of is Interactive Brokers and 1-pip spread broker (crown?) , but I think its domiciled offshore if I remember correctly.

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    Dukascopy is at.5 -1.5, not fixed of course... $20 a million commission....or $5/ 250k.

    Can Be ODL at two fixed on a regular platform????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is ODL at 2 fixed on a typical platform????
    Yes, they also advertise 3 on the site but you may get 2 if you belabour them., which will be an IB for ODL, provides 2 pips because a very long time (funny how an IB is actually less costly than the broker they are introducing to).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dukascopy is at.5 -1.5, not fixed of course... $20 a million commission....or $5/ 250k.

    Can Be ODL at 2 fixed on a standard platform????
    That's definitly cheaper than MBT... But minimum account is 50k too much for me atm

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    I pay.5-1 pip during peak hours IB. $10 per round turn normal lot, so basically two pips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I cover.5-1 pip during peak hours on IB. $10 per round turn standard lot, so basically two pips.
    Have they raised their commissions? I payed way less than that two decades back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Crown which is Swiss based will provide you a 1 pip fixed spread and will Golden Contract which is Belize based. Both provide the advantage of no tax reporting and that I have an IB connection with both as well. They rebate me half a pip and that I rebate you half that 1/4 pip return to you every month. Ultimately you pay .75 pips per transaction.

    Also a friend of mine and I work with Cantor Fitzgerald and will offer the best Currenex I have ever seen which typically includes a 1 pip spread on GBP/USD and we will bill you much lower commissions than those other places that were mentioned. More importantly the minimum is just $10,000 and the minimum transaction is $50,000 or even.5 lots.

    PM me if you have curiosity.
    That is spam

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