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Thread: Advice on Good Broker Based in US and Accepting US Clients

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    quote We have long since passed the mere nanny state. Some parts of the nation are disregarded Neo-Communism on how to get there as quickly as they 30, while the different parts of the nation are working. The could've right-sided regulations to make things stable. But, they chose to end it instead. That's alright. The worldwide financial markets will proceed with them and currency pairs will still be traded world wide despite the Stalinism. Would you prefer to make a trade? Why yes, I'd. Your papers. What papers? The papers...
    This is great. It's funny though how the things they make money on (Vegas, say lottery) nobody gives two shits where your money comes from. I can walk into a casino and put my entire life savings on black, no one at the door asking where I got the cash or making me read pages of disclaimers explaining the casino chances. How many souls spend their pay check on lotto tickets? But, God forbid, I want to take MY MONEY and place a Currency Market trade.

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    quote FOREX Ster com/Gain Capital Enforcement History United States: Solid firm? If that is even remotely possible, FXCM may not even be worse than them.

    Thanks for bringing it up with regards to Forex . Com /Gain Capital. What is your take on the broker Oanda?

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    Ever since I will be trading with more than one broker in the moment due to diversity purpose nevertheless I think US traders possess a lot of regulation problems from trading with any internet brokers so that the traders from US must try and learn some local brokerage to receive their trading rolls on. . !

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