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Thread: NinjaTrader has screwed up big time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am very familiar what took place during this time period and the broker was undoubtedly the difficulty at that transition.
    We might be talking about different things.

    I stated:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    BTW, I have had connection problems with Rithmic. On several occasions. Each time ISP or DNS' routing or some thing was blamed
    These Rithmic connections problems I had were discussed at great length via email. You could happen to be privy to those discussions.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Rithmic servers (maybe not the servers Zenfire was using for the rebranded Rithmic feed) would be the best by far as long as you have a capable broker.
    That's completely possible and I have no reason to contest it.

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    I had been speaking about the issues Mirus had with data feeds that traders were talking on several different forums within the past - not specifically.

    Also, The Rithmic rebranded feed Zenfire always conducted on separate servers from all the main Rithmic feeds. Rithmic reps discussed this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Also, The Rithmic rebranded feed Zenfire always ran on separate servers from all the key Rithmic feeds. Repetitions discussed this.
    I'm not so sure.

    I have screenshots of numerous tracert along with other reports I ran when I was having trouble. Rithmic IPs were solved to by them. There is no ping reply, of course, for security reasons, but I've logs from my router. That is possible if the servers did not belong to Rithmic, but they had been running from Rithmic's DC.

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    NinjaTrader have still not worked out a remedy aside from telling traders to await next weekend. With a big chunk of data indiors are going to be skewed and provide out wrong signals so that it's dangerous to exchange with that gap in data from Sunday night/ Monday morning.

    NinjaTrader are doing a better job than Mirus did of maintaining customers up-to-date, and this data loss might be something that's completely out of the control, but making traders wait a week to get that missing chunk of data is just not acceptable in my view. That is a NinjaTrader customer service issue and I'm not happy that their answer is a recommendation for me to take off trading.

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    I can't get on to the ninjatrader site or kinetick, is everything ok?

    Any info on what is going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Bankrobber, LEAVE!!!!! Nobody wants your useless third-grade indiors!!! Require your snake oil business elsewhere!!! And thanks for telling us that Ninja Trader crashes too on top of other problems. Once I used it, it didn't crash me on that except possibly only once. LOL NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!
    You do not know that do not trade, he simply write. is a very angry troll.
    be calm and ch a mouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I can't get on to the ninjatrader site or kinetick, is all okay? Any advice on what's currently going on?
    NinjaTrader 8 Release Announcement being added to site right now?

    Speculation in the Country!

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    NT made an announcement - server issue and website will be back up tonight or tomorrow morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    MetaQuotes did it! LOL!

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